Operation Scimitar – Okto Eight MilSim

In all cases, team places must be reserved with a £45 non-refundable deposit – no walk on available.
We have a finite number of places available for this event so bookings are on a first come, first served basis. If you are serious about playing, you are advised to get your deposit in early, to secure the team of your choice.
Players must be 18 years of age or over – we may ask for proof.

Children aged 16 and over are allowed to play providing they are accompanied by a playing parent or legal guardian.
Okto Eight is the phonetic for the number eight when radio atmospherics turn to little more than mush.
The number eight is key to an organisation that creates eight-hour Milsims; military simulation games involving Airsoft Replica Imitation Firearms, uniforms, movie roleplay and a fair smattering of smoke, props and things that go bang.
Total immersion is the watchword and Okto Eight engage their clients months before the action begins, with news reports and intelligence, building up to an action-packed climax.
Join in now, leave work and stress behind and become somebody else for a weekend.
Take on the mantle of a Special Forces operative, Private Military Contractor, or an armed Tribal Herdsman for a straight eight hours in theatre; blood, guts and glory. At the end of the Saturday game, go home or back to your motel, have a hot shower and sleep soundly in a soft bed. If you’re keen, you can camp over on the Saturday night and forego the shower and soft bed in favour of more realistic conditions. Battle recommences on Sunday morning for another eight hours straight.
Operation Scimitar
In the previous episode, Phoenix PMC managed to steal the formula for ZPAP 55; a volatile purple liquid nerve gas which attacks the human nerve system and can kill very quickly. Once the victim succumbs, it leaves no trace, making the area safe to occupy by invading troops; a great way to clear areas of unwanted occupants or visitors.
In Operation Scimitar, the action moves to Libya.

The “Tizzit” are an indigenous people, who have occupied North Africa for 3,000 years. They are a proud race, with their own language and customs. Colonel Gaddafi, the former dictator of Libya did his best to eradicate them, but instead he ended up eradicated himself, throwing Libya into a terrible civil war in the ensuing power struggle attempting to fill the vacuum he left behind.

Libya is currently being fought over by the LNA and the GNA, together with a multitude of smaller warlords and factions; fragmented like a broken mirror. The developed world watches the chaos from the side-lines and different countries back one opponent or the other in a proxy war of so-called civilised countries. Meanwhile, civilians suffer and migrants flee for safer shores.

Almukhtar is a warlord in western Libya and has engaged Phoenix to use ZPAP 55 to destroy the Tizzit. Almukhtar wants to strike them so hard, with such finality, that these indigenous people are unable to offer further resistance and surrender their gas-rich homeland to him. Phoenix are promised Gold as a down payment with a share in the gas riches once the job is finished.
The LNA are supported by many countries including Russia and Egypt. However, the UN, including the UK and the USA support their opponent, the GNA.

Fearing genocide of an already endangered people and the loss of Libyan gas reserves to Russia, NATO need to act, but cannot afford to get embroiled in open war and the expense that will entail after the financial destruction of COVID19.

The JTF SF unit are despatched to Libya to support the Tizzit and combat both Almukhtar and his Phoenix “ronin”. The Tizzit are herdsmen, often with facial tattoos and who engage in strange tribal customs. However, armed with weapons fresh from NATO armouries, they face a fight to the death, to protect their loved ones and all they stand for – their very existence.

Will Almukhtar finish what Gaddafi started? Will ZPAP 55 finally be released in a cloud of purple, laying waste to western Libya or will the JTF save the day?

Operation Scimitar will be an adrenaline fuelled weekend of tactics, asymmetrical warfare and role-play and is to be the ninth game in this exciting Bad-To-The-Bone series.
Initial information is already posted on the Okto Eight Facebook page in the form of news clippings.
Once you decide who you will fight for and pay your deposit, you will receive access to a secret Facebook page which will give you access to top secret reports and emerging information. At this time, you can also communicate on a secure “comms” link to your team mates and discuss tactics. The other forces won’t see your comms or intel. If you aren’t a Facebook user, we can arrange to send the information to you by e-mail. This information will not be available on the public OEM Facebook page and it will not be accessible until a player has booked and paid a booking deposit.

Okto Eight strives for realism and immersion at their events. Loadouts are carefully planned and thought out to emphasise this and at the same time, reduce friendly fire. Please DO adhere to the guidelines – your lack of attention in this regard could cause confusion in the heat of battle and spoil the fun for yourself and others.
  • Multicam Multicam (arid, alpine and black not acceptable)
  • Tropic Multicam Tropic Multicam
  • Flecktarn Flecktarn
  • Concamo Concamo
  • AOR1 AOR1
Top and Bottom in matching camouflage – assault vests and chest rigs can be matching camo or solid green or tan – plate carriers ideal.
SF weaponry such as M4, HK416/7, or SCAR etc
Headgear required – helmets, green or black watch caps or boonies only.
Top and bottom in solid colours such as green/olive drab, grey, black or tan.
Casual style – cargo or tactical trousers with fleece, T-shirt or soft-shell jacket – no jeans.
Boots to be tactical – no trainers.
Headgear – baseball caps only – must be plain.
Plate carriers, chest rigs or assault vests.
Weapons can be eastern bloc or western, but think military or law enforcement – no gold AK’s.
Civilian clothes of the poor. Can include Jeans, tracksuits, etc. Tatty, unkempt.
Preferably as few block colours as possible, bright colours are good. Keep any camo to an absolute
minimum. Avoid military/tactical looking clothes.
Load bearing kit if needed should be holsters, satchels, belts, shoulder slings, bandoliers etc.
Weapons are ideally SMGs, pistols, simple assault rifles etc.

A full ruleset will be sent to each player by e-mail once deposited but a simple overview with primary rules listed for game assessment is as follows:
Primary rules…
Players must be 18 years of age or over – we may ask for proof.
Children aged 16 and over are allowed to play providing they are accompanied by a playing parent or legal guardian.
No Two Tone Weapons
Guns in auto mode are allowed, but must NOT be fired for more than a 2 second burst to prevent overkill.
Only Single Shot (semi-auto) should be used inside buildings or when firing in through doors or windows.
All weapons must fire within our standard limits (based on 0.2g ammo) which are:

  • <350 fps – All guns including hand carried support weapons
  • <370 fps – Fixed/mounted/deployed MGs
  • <420 fps – Single shot DMR (real world, not an M4 with a scope)
  • <500 fps – single shot Bolt Action (Electric should have a mosfet delay fitted)
Engagement range for qualified weapons over 350 fps is 30m.
Players are allowed to carry a maximum of 600 rounds loaded in magazines (low-caps and/or mid-caps only – no high-caps allowed) or a maximum of 1000 rounds loaded in a box magazine for an AEG support weapon. Box Magazines are only allowed if they are used on Support Weapons such as Minimi/M249/GPMG/M60 etc.
No more than 60 rounds should be loaded in each rifle magazine.
Players may carry up to 3 Pistol magazines on their person.
Pyro must not be thrown at a live target and players shouldn’t touch any pyro not owned by them.
ANY heavy cased pyro must be under-arm rolled or dropped ONLY – NO FLIGHT TIME!
BB Claymore and powder mines must not be set up to hit above 3ft from the ground.
No homemade pyro devices are allowed.
Mark 5 Thunderflash or Reusable grenades using 9mm blanks or 209 shotgun primers only.
Electrically activated maroons are allowed, when detonated by radio or pressure plates. Trip wires are not allowed. Pyro should be no larger than Mk3 for this. Areas where they are activated should be clearly marked by minefield cautions or “Danger” tape on stakes surrounding the area.
All players need to bring a single personal bandage.
KILL RAGS will be supplied and used.
Use of radios is encouraged and radio nets will be maintained by the organiser. Players wishing to participate should bring a personal BaoFeng radio or similar.
YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN BANDAGE (we will still supply a kill rag if you don’t have one from previous games).


Red Mist 32: End Game

Gunman Airsoft and FilmSim Events proudly present…
Red Mist 32 “End Game” – A Cold War story
November 14th & 15th 2020
Gunman Airsoft ALPHA, Eversley, Hampshire
£75 secured by a £35 deposit for the weekend or £45 for the Saturday only with a £15 deposit.
Players must be 18 years of age or over – we may ask for proof.

Children aged 16 and over are allowed to play providing they are accompanied by a playing parent or legal guardian.

Hi all and welcome to the next incredible and awesome Cold War story, set in our fictional WW3 Cold War setting.
If this is your first RED MIST, welcome to the FilmSim experience. FilmSim is all about the story and how people react to situations in game. It’s very role-play and the action (using airsoft) is normally fast and furious. We will be using the full FilmSim rules and 300 rounds loaded in mags.
To all the regular players, a huge thanks for your continued support of these games and we need your help to continue to grown the Cold War scene.
Bookings are now open! Part payment deposits are non refundable but can be sold on if you cant make it.
For pics of our epic events check out www.wyvernlarp.com
Red Mist 32
Location: The outskirts of Pompei.

Its 1984 and world war three rages across the globe. So far no nuclear weapons have been deployed but a number of nerve agent chemical weapons have been used to deadly affect. The Communist might has grown and with the new treaty between the Communist parties of the USSR and China the red army has been given its desperately needed bolster from the East. Across most of Europe, communist parties have rises up and either challenged the lawful democratic government or taken up arms and begun their own coups. One such country is Italy. A large number of German DDR and USSR VDV have moved across the Adriatic sea from Yugoslavia and been aiding the Italian Communist party, the Partito Comunista Italiano, or PCI to seize control of Rome from the Christian Democracy party, whose near loss of the 1983 elections gave the PCI its foothold and just under majority.
Operation Yellow Bear is in full deployment and thousands of Nato troops have landed across the Italian peninsular and are in full engagement with the Red Machine of Warpac.
Nato’s 1st Army group, code name ‘Hat’ has captured Rome, the battle there is over. Not so for the rest of Italy.
3rd Army Group, codename ‘Boot’ has landed, but taken huge casualties. Even with support from 2nd Army ‘Train’, ‘Boot’ has had to take a role reversal and fall into a support group rather than a battle group. 3rd army has set up a huge aid station and re-supply depot in the Parco Nazionale del Gargano. Using San Severo as its main HQ.

Our story follows the 2nd Army group, code name ‘Train’ that has pushed hard and fast along the highways from Anzio to Termoli. After a well need two days of rest, resupply and reinforcements, the Battle group is ready for its final task. The assault on the DDR strong point in Naples and the final push south.
To help in this final effort, 1st Army group has sent over 4000 troops down the E45 highway including armour and airsupport. ‘Train’ will swing down and around via Salerno and push up from Pompei.< br/>
With the end game in sight, no one knows what Warpac have up their sleeve but if NATO’s defeat in Europe has anything to show, the enemy cant be underestimated.
This battle will see hard and fast attack end defend actions from both sides with objectives across the whole site in play for both groups.
Meanwhile things are not going so well for NATO in main land Europe with Germany and Poland firmly in the hands of the Soviet war machine. However, Victory in Italy has blighted Warpac’s victories and Moscow has been very condemning of Berlins ‘failings’. Time will tell if pride has a sharper edge than the blade.

NATO: US and UK infantry. Uniforms, weapons and equipment contemporary to 1984 are required.

Warpac: DDR and Soviet VDV. Uniforms, weapons and equipment contemporary to 1984 are required.

We can offer full rental kit for anyone that needs if for free and period rifles are only £20 a day £30 for the weekend. This will include 3 x 30rnd mags to get you going.
Please ensure you reserve a rifle when you buy your ticket to ensure that we set yours aside.

For this event you will need:

  • Full camping equipment.
  • Drinking water.
  • Airsoft kit (unless you’re renting).

Please try to bring and use period(ish) kit only if you can, NOTHING modern looking can be taken into the field or it MUST be disguised to not break the immersion of the camp.
There will be an out of game camping area too for guys will plastic tents. WE HAVE A HUGE PILE OF FREE LOAN KIT TOO!!!

Overall Timings:

1200 – Gates and registration open for those who want to get onsite early.
2000 – Registration closes for the night.
0800 – Registration re-opens.
0930 – Briefings begin.
1000(ish) – Game starts. It finishes when the story and action dictate it’s a good place to stop!
0930 – Briefings begin.
1000 – Action re-starts.
1300 – Latest finish time. Again, the game may finish a little earlier if the story and action dictate it.

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions when booking your ticket. If you are unable to attend after paying a deposit, we will not issue a refund, however you may sell or transfer your ticket to another player if you wish.

We usually have access to various suitable costume, kit and weapons which can be made available for loan if you need some help. If you are new to the Cold War airsoft scene and want to see what it’s all about, pop onto the Facebook event and ask some questions or drop us an email before booking a place. We are very welcoming to new players to the genre and want you (and the other players) to enjoy the experience to the full, so will be happy to ensure you get all the help you need without expecting you to shell out on a full loadout.

IMPORTANT! – This is a fully immersive role-play event based in the mid 1980s. Every player has a responsibility to ensure that their costume, weaponry and equipment is suitable to the period and unit being played. We are not looking for re-enactment or documentary levels of accuracy, however you do need to be roughly believable. Please don’t rock up wearing MTP and carrying a modern M4 – you will not be permitted to join the event!