Hamburger Hill Vietnam Airsoft Sep 12th & 13th 2020

Vietnam - Hamburger Hill
Gunman Airsoft and FilmSim Events proudly present…
The Hill 937
September 12th & 13th 2020
Camp Bravo, Eversley, Hampshire
£65 secured by a £25 deposit for the weekend or £45 for the Saturday only with a £15 deposit.
Players must be 18 years of age or over – we may ask for proof.

Children aged 16 and over are allowed to play providing they are accompanied by a playing parent or legal guardian.
May 14 1969
Location, Dong Ap Bia, South Vietnam

PAVN targets have been flagged up in the A Sau Valley, South Vietnam and command believes these to be enemy camps and supply depots. A series of operations under the code name Apache Snow has been approved and to lead this operation, Lt Col Huneycutt, a protégé to the former commander of the Vietnam campaign, General Westmoreland has been given the responsibility to get it done. The idea of the operation is to have many Brigades hit multiple areas at the same time with air support and reinforcements by Helicopter.

Due to the dense vegetation very little confirmed intelligence has been gathered beyond the fact enemy were there and using the valley to their advantage.

Our story follows a day after the operation went hot with elements of the US fighting force stuck at the base of target Hill 937. So far, the forward units have taken heavy casualties and a medical harbor needs to be set up to take care of the casualties. Command is giving orders to push forward but at this time communication between the companies and even platoons has become disjointed. After the casualties have been dealt with the 3rd Regiment of the 1st infantry Division needs to get a result. The pressure for the on the ground officers is high as nearly all the other objectives by the Division have been completed with support from the 3/101st Airborne Division.

The battle for the HILL is about to begin.

US 1st Infantry and 101st Airborne with ARVN support.

PAVN 29th Infantry with VC elements in support.

Hi all and welcome to the next installment of our epic Vietnam story. This is a full on FilmSim experience and everyone will be expected to play his or her part.
Like MilSim, you may not be pulling your trigger all of the time, however when the shit hits the fan, it will really mean something. We hope everyone can get fully immersed, live, eat and breathe the 1960s conflict.

We can offer full rental kit for anyone that needs if for free and period rifles are only £20 a day £30 for the weekend. This will include 3 x 30rnd mags to get you going.
Please ensure you reserve a rifle when you buy your ticket to ensure that we set yours aside.

For this event you will need:

  • Full camping equipment.
  • Drinking water.
  • Airsoft kit (unless you’re renting).
  • Food and booze for the evening socials.

Please try to bring and use period(ish) kit only if you can, NOTHING modern looking can be taken into the field or it MUST be disguised to not break the immersion of the camp.
There will be an out of game camping area too for guys will plastic tents. WE HAVE A HUGE PILE OF FREE LOAD KIT TOO!!!

Overall Timings:

1200 – Gates and registration open for those who want to get onsite early.
2000 – Registration closes for the night.
0800 – Registration re-opens.
0930 – Briefings begin.
1000(ish) – Game starts. It finishes when the story and action dictate it’s a good place to stop!
0930 – Briefings begin.
1000 – Action re-starts.
1300 – Latest finish time. Again, the game may finish a little earlier if the story and action dictate it.

We will provide field radios and maps for the commanders in the field. PLEASE do not bring personal comms, only platoon radios will be allocated and used.

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions when booking your ticket. If you are unable to attend after paying a deposit, we will not issue a refund, however you may sell or transfer your ticket to another player if you wish.

We usually have access to various suitable costume, kit and weapons which can be made available for loan if you need some help. If you are new to the Vietnam airsoft scene and want to see what it’s all about, pop onto the Facebook event and ask some questions or drop us an email before booking a place. We are very welcoming to new players to the genre and want you (and the other players) to enjoy the experience to the full, so will be happy to ensure you get all the help you need without expecting you to shell out on a full loadout.

IMPORTANT! – This is a fully immersive role-play event based in the Vietnam War of the late 1960s. Every player has a responsibility to ensure that their costume, weaponry and equipment is suitable to the period and unit being played. We are not looking for re-enactment or documentary levels of accuracy, however you do need to be roughly believable. Please don’t rock up wearing MTP and carrying a modern M4 – you will not be permitted to join the event!
Prepay for a meal ticket by emailing

GI Bank Holiday Weekender – August 29th & 30th 2020

Summer Bank Holiday weekend – May 2020
Gunman Airsoft and FilmSim events proudly presents…
Battlefield 2119 – ‘Airborne’
August 29th & 20th 2020

Great Westwood Equestrian Centre – King’s Langley (Hertfordshire)
This weekend will be using the FULL FilmSim rules, which will get posted to the event and included to the page files.
The three factions will be identified in the field by coloured highlights to their loadouts. This means you can wear whatever camo or clothing you are comfortable with as long as it does not contain strong elements of a differing faction’s colour.
Suitable identification can be in the form of coloured armbands, hats/bandanas, shirts etc as long as it is obvious which faction you are attached to.

Each faction has a unique Special Ability for this operation as detailed below.

Red Faction of the Drakes MUST wear a RED element in their load-out and no other.
Special ability: “Tough as Nails” – Red Faction carry one extra bandage for this operation.

Blue Faction of the Hammers MUST wear a BLUE element in their load-out and no other.
Special Ability: “Quartermaster” – Blue Faction have an extra field pack available to them.

The Dark Faction MUST wear a PURPLE element in their load-out and no other.
Special Ability: “Sky Born” – Purple Faction can set up multiple drop points for airborne troops to land.

Be proud to represent your faction!
Each faction will consist of three types of unit. More detail about class roles can be found here.

This will be updated with some new mechanics before the event.
Players may choose whichever class they prefer, and are able to change their class during a game by returning to their HQ and re-equipping with their new loadout.
Recon units carry a bolt-action rifle with 100 rounds maximum and prefer to use stealth to carry out their orders.
Tactical units carry 600 rounds maximum and work together in sections of up to eight persons. They prefer to stick together, plan out their operations in advance and keep close communication within their section.
Assault units carry 800 rounds maximum and have the use of a field pack for re-arming. Lightweight, hard hitting, fast and noisy, these Grunts have no fear in charging a target head-on.
Part payment deposits are Non-refundable, but the tickets can be sold on.
We will need to know the name of the new owner to update our booking information.

CAMPING is free and people can arrive from Friday morning at 10am to set up their camps. You are also welcome to stay Sunday night and leave on the Monday if you wish.

More updates to follow.
View story
In 2019 it began, a slide of power and a change of ‘The Global Game’ left Europe in turmoil. Communications between the old cold war allies broke down and tension built up to a boiling point.
Conflict finale broke out in 2027 after a 5-year stalemate.

Up to this point the aggression was played out in proxy small war conflicts, which engulfed those countries before an actual full engagement between the governments of the East and the West would seal the worlds fate.

The first shot was fired on New Years Eve 2031 across the Thin Line, a line drawn by the small war conflicts and their victors. 24 hours later a billion soldiers engage and over the next 69 years nearly burnt themselves to extinction.
The fighting went Global, with only the continent of the Americas and the Island nations of the Pacific Oceans untouched. Africa was allied to the Blue Hammers and Asia and the Middle East allied to the Red Hammers.

In 2100 the two sides came together at the Helsinki summit and agreed a final ceasefire.
Their world was unrecognizable and billions had perished and all the other summits had failed due to the inability to trust each other, but a new threat was coming, one that neither could fight on their own. Can they work together…?

For 19 years the peace has held and the populations of the Red and the Blue have once again swollen in numbers.
The world, though broken, has regrown back its vegetation and resembles an age from long ago with ruined cities engulfed in natures claim.
Two major capitol cities still remain as the seats of Government and society. Moscow is home to the Red Drakes and their huge underground capitol as well as a twin City in Beijing.
Madrid is home to the Blue Hammers and their sprawling super Metropolis City, the second City of the Blue Hammers is Rome with the whole of Old Italy now militarized like its ancient historic grandfather.


For the past 9 months, the war across Europa has claimed 1000s of lives and both the Blue Hammers and Red Drakes are feeling it. The Dark Faction has fully deployed and now seeks to find a resupply drop area.
A number of old and long forgotten airfields have become the primary target for a DF resupply but at this time the Drakes and Hammers are fighting over it.
The only way the Dark can get close enough to make an assault is through airborne units being dropped at secured locations. Five key areas have been identified for capture and control and there are three airfields.
If any faction controls 2 or more of the airfields by day two, they will have seized control of the landing ground. All three factions are looking for resupply to go forward into their next conflict (August).

Operation Fallen Arrow – Okto Eight MilSim

Operation Fallen Arrow
In all cases, team places must be reserved with a £35 non-refundable deposit – no walk on available.
We have a finite number of places available for this event so bookings are on a first come, first served basis. If you are serious about playing, you are advised to get your deposit in early, to secure the team of your choice.
Players must be 18 years of age or over – we may ask for proof.

Children aged 16 and over are allowed to play providing they are accompanied by a playing parent or legal guardian.
Okto Eight is the phonetic for the number eight when radio atmospherics turn to little more than mush.
The number eight is key to an organisation that creates eight-hour Milsims; military simulation games involving Airsoft Replica Imitation Firearms, uniforms, movie roleplay and a fair smattering of smoke, props and things that go bang.
Total immersion is the watchword and Okto Eight engage their client’s months before the action begins, with news reports and intelligence, building up to an action-packed climax.
Join in now, leave work and stress behind and become somebody else for a weekend.
Take on the mantle of a NATO JTF Special Forces operative, Phoenix PMC, or Braganza Bandidos gang member for a straight eight hours in theatre; blood, guts and glory. At the end of the Saturday game, go home or back to your motel, have a hot shower and sleep soundly in a soft bed. If you’re keen, you can camp over on the Saturday night and forego the shower and soft bed in favour of more realistic conditions. Battle recommences on Sunday morning for another eight hours straight.
Operation Fallen Arrow
Dr. Jack Neumann, an expert in tropical disease management, has been working for President Matares, ostensibly helping to solve the re-emergence of several diseases in his country, which they thought had been eliminated. Incidences of Dengue fever, Chikungunya, Chagas disease, and Zika have risen at an alarming rate in recent years.
However, that was only a cover story.
In reality, he has been helping Matares develop a horrifying new chemical weapon. ZPAP 55 is a volatile liquid nerve gas which attacks the human nerve system and can kill very quickly. Once the victim succumbs, it leaves no trace, making the area safe to occupy by invading troops; a great way to clear areas of unwanted occupants or visitors. It could give Matares an effective insurance policy against his old enemy, the USA.
That was until the president’s political rival, Juan Alvarez found out about it. Alvarez had been secretly working with the American administration for years and with their help, paid Neumann US$5m to disappear, providing him with a jet aircraft to escape the country.
Matares has spies everywhere and to simultaneously foil the plan and repay the treachery, he ordered his death squad to plant explosives and destroy the aircraft without trace over the Guri reservoir in Bolivar, Venezuela.
Things didn’t go according to plan and the aircraft crashed close to the shore, near the abandoned Guri Hydro-Electric plant. Neumann survived the crash with his money, but was immediately held by the Braganza Gang, local bandidos, who saw an opportunity to steal the money and ransom the good doctor. However, Neumann is an ambitious man by nature and stole several flasks of his own ZPAP55 as an insurance policy. The force of the crash breached one of the flasks, which immediately killed a number of people in the vicinity, fortunately a remote area in Venezuela.
The USA want Neumann back and the weapon contained or destroyed. They are sending the JTF to bring him home and deal with any bandit opposition.
Mason Granger of the Phoenix PMC organisation has got wind of this through the black web and wants Neumann’s money, although he thinks access to ZPAP55 could also be quite lucrative, if sold to the highest bidder.
Both teams are racing to the scene. The Bandidos won’t give up easily, even though many are weakened or dying with nerve damage from the contamination. Can the JTF and Phoenix avoid the effects of ZPAP55 and the Bandidos and come out as victors?
Operation Fallen Arrow will be an adrenaline fueled weekend of tactics, asymmetrical warfare and role-play and is to be the eighth game in this exciting Bad-To-The-Bone series.
Special Forces, PMC, or the Braganza…
Who you going to fight for?
Initial information is already posted on the Okto Eight Facebook page in the form of news clippings.
Once you decide who you will fight for and pay your deposit, you will receive access to a secret Facebook page which will give you access to top secret reports and emerging information. At this time, you can also communicate on a secure “comms” link to your team mates and discuss tactics. The other forces won’t see your comms or intel. If you aren’t a Facebook user, we can arrange to send the information to you by e-mail. This information will not be available on the public OEM Facebook page and it will not be accessible until a player has booked and paid a booking deposit.

Okto Eight strives for realism and immersion at their events. Loadouts are carefully planned and thought out to emphasise this and at the same time, reduce friendly fire. Please DO adhere to the guidelines – your lack of attention in this regard could cause confusion in the heat of battle and spoil the fun for yourself and others.
  • Multicam Multicam (arid, alpine and black not acceptable)
  • Tropic Multicam Tropic Multicam
  • Flecktarn Flecktarn
  • Concamo Concamo
  • AOR1 AOR1
Top and Bottom in matching camouflage – assault vests and chest rigs can be matching camo or solid green or tan – plate carriers ideal.
SF weaponry such as M4, HK416/7, or SCAR etc
Headgear required – helmets, green or black watch caps or boonies only.
Top and bottom in solid colours such as green/olive drab, grey, black or tan.
Casual style – cargo or tactical trousers with fleece, T-shirt or soft-shell jacket – no jeans.
Boots to be tactical – no trainers.
Headgear – baseball caps only – must be plain.
Plate carriers, chest rigs or assault vests.
Weapons can be eastern bloc or western, but think military or law enforcement – no gold AK’s.
Civilian gang clothes. Can include Jeans, tracksuits, etc.
Preferably as few block colours as possible, bright colours are good. Keep any camo to an absolute
minimum. Wear what any South American gang member would wear and avoid military/tactical
looking clothes.
Load bearing kit if needed should be holsters, satchels, belts, shoulder slings, bandoliers etc.
Weapons are ideally SMGs, pistols, simple assault rifles etc.
You are called in whenever the western world is stumped. You’ve operated all over the world including South America before. Your old adversary Phoenix PMC is racing you for the win, albeit for totally different reasons. Can you negotiate the clues and obstructions like ZPAP55, to reach Neumann? He won’t be easy to find and there will be opposition.
This will be a bloody fight to the end!
You are now working for yourself – no more difficult taskmasters.
The mission is uncomplicated, get in, find Neumann, take his money and steal a sample of ZPAP55 to sell to the highest bidder!!
Slight problem, people are dropping like flies around the old hydro-electric plant in Guri.
You thought it was manna from heaven. An expensive jet lands in the shallow waters of the lake and a rich American stumbles from the wreckage. Better still, he’s a famous doctor and he has USD$5m with him on the plane. Madre de Dios!!
Suddenly people start getting sick.
Just as things can’t get any worse, more Americans start arriving with guns and want the money and the doctor back…
The Braganza live in the poorest part of the country and don’t have much, but one thing is sure, they aren’t giving anything up without a fight.

A full ruleset will be sent to each player by e-mail once deposited but a simple overview with primary rules listed for game assessment is as follows:
Primary rules…
Players must be 18 years of age or over – we may ask for proof.
Children aged 16 and over are allowed to play providing they are accompanied by a playing parent or legal guardian.
No Two Tone Weapons
Guns in auto mode are allowed, but must NOT be fired for more than a 2 second burst to prevent overkill.
Only Single Shot (semi-auto) should be used inside buildings or when firing in through doors or windows.
All weapons must fire within our standard limits (based on 0.2g ammo) which are:

  • <350 fps – All guns including hand carried support weapons
  • <370 fps – Fixed/mounted/deployed MGs
  • <420 fps – Single shot DMR (real world, not an M4 with a scope)
  • <500 fps – single shot Bolt Action (Electric should have a mosfet delay fitted)
Engagement range for qualified weapons over 350 fps is 30m.
Players are allowed to carry a maximum of 600 rounds loaded in magazines (low-caps and/or mid-caps only – no high-caps allowed) or a maximum of 1000 rounds loaded in a box magazine for an AEG support weapon. Box Magazines are only allowed if they are used on Support Weapons such as Minimi/M249/GPMG/M60 etc.
No more than 60 rounds should be loaded in each rifle magazine.
You may store additional ammo at your force HQ/Base or in hidden ammo caches, within the Battlefield Area. In the interests of immersion, these must be kept in ammunition tins, military Bergen’s, etc. – no supermarket carrier bags please. However, be warned that any ammo brought into the game in this way may be captured by other forces and used against you !!
Players may carry up to 3 Pistol magazines on their person.
Pyro must not be thrown at a live target and players shouldn’t touch any pyro not owned by them.
ANY heavy cased pyro must be under-arm rolled or dropped ONLY – NO FLIGHT TIME!
BB Claymore and powder mines must not be set up to hit above 3ft from the ground.
No homemade pyro devices are allowed.
Mark 5 Thunderflash or Reusable grenades using 9mm blanks or 209 shotgun primers only.
Electrically activated maroons are allowed, when detonated by radio or pressure plates. Trip wires are not allowed. Pyro should be no larger than Mk3 for this. Areas where they are activated should be clearly marked by minefield cautions or “Danger” tape on stakes surrounding the area.
All players need to bring a single personal bandage.
If hit in the torso area and no one gets to you within 5 minutes, you will be considered bled out and Killed in Action (KIA).
If another player (medic) arrives within the 5 minutes, they may use your personal bandage to patch you up and get you back in the game.
The bandage must be tied loosely somewhere visible and should only be removed once you are subsequently KIA and return to your REGEN point to be rejuvenated.
Any such medical attention must be carried out while the casualty is immobile.
If you are hit in the arms or legs, you may play on but cannot use the injured limb. For example, if you are right handed and your right arm is hit, you will need to shoot with your left. If you are hit in the leg, you can no longer support your weight and must crawl to move. These injuries can be ”fixed” by the medic with your bandage or they can be “healed” at REGEN.
The bandage can only be used once, so its up to the player to make a tactical decision whether they want to use it to repair a limb or save it to heal them from an initial head/centre mass shot.
If your primary weapon is hit, you must switch to your secondary (pistol).
If that is hit, both your weapons are out of action and you can no longer fight with firearms. Knife kills are allowed or you can return to REGEN to “repair” your weapons.
Grenades and Claymores have an effective range of 5m and are considered an immediate KIA.
KILL RAGS will be supplied and used.
If either medic or casualty is hit whilst trying to get into cover, then you are both considered KIA and must return to your REGEN.
Similarly, if either player is hit whilst medical attention is being administered, then you are both KIA.
Once at REGEN, you must wait for 15 minutes before you can re-join the action.

Use of radios is encouraged and radio nets will be maintained by the organiser. Players wishing to participate should bring a personal BaoFeng radio or similar.
YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN BANDAGE (we will still supply a kill rag if you don’t have one from previous games).


Skirmish at Camp Bravo – Saturday 25th July 2020

Gates open at 0800 - please arrive before 0900.

Please allow enough time to book in, get set up and chrono guns BEFORE 0930.

We START at 0930 and finish around 1500 with a break for lunch in the middle.

Sniper and DMR weapons are not currently permitted on this site until the ferns have died down. Maximum energy is 1.13J (350fps).

PLEASE NOTE: Our skirmish days are currently running at reduced capacity to ensure that we can meet social distancing guidelines for the protection of our staff, crew and customers.

A ticket is required for access to site. If you do not have a ticket, please do not turn up and ask us to squeeze you in. To ensure that we are fair to everybody and to control social distancing we will be forced to turn you away - please don't put us in that position!

No DMR or sniper weapons permitted until the ferns have died back a bit. 1.13J (350fps) limit!

You will need to be prepared to sort your admin from your cars. If the weather is likely to be wet, we recommend that you consider purchasing a cheap gazebo to erect over your boot. If you do not have a car or suitable small shelter, please contact us BEFORE purchasing your ticket to ensure that we can safely accommodate you.
Catering will be available, with all canteen staff having been trained and certified in Preventing COVID-19 measures.
Cash and card payments will be accepted on site, contactless methods are preferred.
We recommend that you wear gloves and a facemask as much as possible to help reduce infection risk. To encourage regular hand-washing we will provide hot water and hand sanitiser - we recommend that you bring a washing-up bowl and some soap if possible.

Info for 12 - 17 year olds
All participants aged under 18 MUST bring a completed consent form with them. 12 and 13 year olds MUST have an adult remain on site.
Skirmish days at Gunman are suitable for all levels of airsoft player, but are especially aimed at new or casual players.
The games are short (usually between 30-45 minutes each), with simple objectives and plenty of trigger time.
Minimal time is spent out of the game when you are shot – simply return to a respawn point, and re-enter the game, meaning you spend most of your time enjoying the game instead of sitting in a dead zone.
You may bring whatever type of airsoft gun you like including fantasy and two-tone guns as long as they do not exceed the site power limits.
Team ID is achieved by coloured armbands, you may wear whatever you like.