GI Big Weekender August 2021

Late August bank holiday weekend 2021

Gunman Airsoft and FilmSim events proudly presents…
Battlefield 2119 – ‘Airborne Pt 2’
August 28th & 29th 2021
Gunman Airsoft Hertfordshire
Westwood Equestrian Centre.

Age restrictions apply to this event:

Under 12s are not permitted to participate.
Under 16s will only be permitted to participate if accompanied by a responsible adult.
Under 18s who are participating must bring a completed consent form with them, signed by a parent or guardian.
Under 18s will only be permitted to camp overnight if accompanied by a responsible adult.
Non-participating family members may remain in the safe-zone and camp over, a responsible adult must remain with any under 14s in the safe zone.

These restrictions are to comply with our obligations under the law, our insurance stipulations and our Child Safeguarding Policy.

Tickets are strictly limited and places must be secured by non-refundable deposit.
Ticket price £85 secured with a deposit of £45.
Early bird deposit discount of £10 on all deposits paid before July.
All players must pay the balance of £40 on arrival.
As per our terms & conditions, you may sell your deposit on if you become unable to attend.
We will need to know the name of the new owner to update our booking information.

Important: this is not a “skirmish” weekend, there is a story which drives the objectives and action, and player loadouts and abilities depend on the faction and class you choose to play as.

It is possible to change your class during the event, but in order to maintain team balance, there will be no facility to change your faction.

Players are expected to “buy-into” the story and their chosen rule on the field.

There will be no fixed breaks during play, so make sure you take plenty of food/water and supplies to your in-game HQ to reduce the need to return to the safe-zone during play.


The Backstory:

In 2019 it begun, a slide of power and a change of ‘The Global Game’ left Europe in turmoil. Communications between the old cold war allies broke down and tension built up to a boiling point.
Conflict finale broke out in 2027 after a 5-year stalemate.
Up to this point the aggression was played out in proxy small war conflicts, which engulfed those countries before an actual full engagement between the governments of the East and the West would seal the worlds fate.
The first shot was fired on New Years Eve 2031 across the Thin Line, a line drawn by the small war conflicts and their victors. 24 hours later a billion soldiers engage and over the next 69 years nearly burnt themselves to extinction.
The fighting went Global, with only the continent of the Americas and the Island nations of the Pacific Oceans untouched. Africa was allied to the Blue Hammers and Asia and the Middle East allied to the Red Hammers.
In 2100 the two sides came together at the Helsinki summit and agreed a final ceasefire. Their world was unrecognizable and billions had perished and all the other summits had failed due to the inability to trust each other, but a new threat was coming, one that neither could fight on their own. Can they work together…?
For 19 years the peace has held and the populations of the Red and the Blue have once again swollen in numbers. The world, though broken, has regrown back its vegetation and resembles an age from long ago with ruined cities engulfed in natures claim.
Two major capitol cities still remain as the seats of Government and society.
Moscow is home to the Red Drakes and their huge underground capitol as well as a twin City in Beijing.
Madrid is home to the Blue Hammers and their sprawling super Metropolis City, the second City of the Blue Hammers is Rome with the whole of Old Italy now militarized like its ancient historic grandfather.


‘Airborne Pt 2’

For the past 9 months, the war across Europa has claimed 1000s of lives and both the Blue Hammers and Red Drakes are feeling it. The Dark Faction has fully deployed and now seeks to find a resupply drop area. Number of old and long forgotten airfields have become the primary target for a DF resupply but at this time the Drakes and Hammers are fighting over it. The only way the Dark can get close enough to make an assault is through airborne units being dropped at secured locations. 5 key areas have been identified for capture and control and there are three airfields. If any faction controls 2 or more of the airfields by day two, they will have seized control of the landing ground. All three factions are looking for resupply to go forward into their next conflict (August).
This weekend will be using the FULL FilmSim rules, which will get posted to the event and included to the page files.



There will be three factions in play, the Red Drakes, the Blue Hammers and the Dark Faction.

Each faction has its own faction bonus as detailed below for the duration of the operation, so choose your faction wisely!

Team ID will be achieved by means of a prominent coloured highlight on your loadout in your chosen faction’s colour. This can be in the form of armbands (both arms please), headwear, prominant scarfs, shirts etc.
Be proud to support your faction and display your colours!
Red Faction of the Drakes MUST wear a strong element of RED in their load-out and no other.
Faction bonus: “Tough as nails” – an extra bandage may be carried.
Blue Faction of the Hammers MUST wear a strong element of BLUE in their load-out and no other.
Faction bonus: “Quartermaster” – An extra field pack is available.
The Dark Faction MUST wear a strong element of PURPLE to their load-out and no other.
Faction bonus: “Sky born” – multiple drop points can be set up for airborne troop insertion.


Unit Classes:

In order to support differing styles of equipment and play, three different unit classes will be in operation.
You may change your class at any point by returning to the safe-zone and re-equipping. You may not switch class within the mission zone.
Objectives will be supplied which can only be completed by a particular class type to encourage playing your chosen class.
Classes are permitted (and expected) to provide the relevant support to other friendly units but cannot complete non-class objectives. For example a recon unit may tag along with a tactical fireteam to provide intel gathering and long-range precision support. The assault class is expected to support the other two classes by providing extra firepower and re-arming abilities, but cannot complete intel, sabotage objectives etc.
Each class has a different restriction on the types of weapons carried as well as the quantity of ammo which can be used before re-arming at a field-pack or HQ.
In addition to your primary weapon/ammo you may carry a secondary weapon with 75rnds, eg a pistol or small SMG.


Recon class description: Light, and stealthy, you work individually or in pairs to complete recon specific objectives or hunt for HVTs etc. A recon unit’s focus is on avoiding detection, not getting into gunfights.
Recon/sniper – Primary weapon is a bolt-action rifle. Max ammo 100rnds. Max energy 2.31J (500fps/0.2g equivalent) MED: 30m.
Recon/DMR – Primary weapon is a semi-auto heavy, long-barreled rifle with a magnified scope. Max ammo 100rnds. Max energy 1.48J (400fps/0.2g equivalent) MED: 30m.


Tactical class description: Working together, tactical units use teamwork and tactics to carry out specific missions and objectives. Focus is on fast, precise execution of objectives, not extended battles. Fireteam size: four to six persons. Max ammo: 600rnds.
Primary weapon may be anything up to max energy 1.13J (350fps/0.2g equivalent). Max ammo 600rnds. Automatic weapons should be used in semi-auto or selectable 2 or 3 round burst modes (no full auto).


Assault class description: The heavily armed assault unit is a formidable enemy which usually provides heavy support and firepower to other friendly units. They are able to deploy a field-support pack for other friendly units to re-arm at. Minimum fireteam size: four persons.
Assault/soldier – Primary weapon may be anything up to max energy 1.13J (350fps/0.2g equivalent). Max ammo 600rnds. Any fire mode may be used including controlled auto bursts.
Assault/gunner – Any recognized LMG/MMG. Max ammo: 3000rnds – may not be shared with other players. Should fire from a prone or stabilized position where possible, or from the hip. Please do not fire bursts from the shoulder!


Camping and Arrival:

The site will be open for arrivals from 1200 on the Friday and you are welcome to camp over until Monday morning totally free of charge.

If arriving on Saturday morning, please do so before 0900 if possible.

When entering the site, please ensure that the gate is closed behind you, and follow the track to your left, past the stables. Please drive slowly as there are horses on site.

Due to COVID-19 measures which we assume will still apply during this event there will be some restrictions in place in regards to camping and behavior in the safe-zone. We managed to run successfully last year without any incidents or causes for concern, and we’d like to have another great event this year. These rules and guidelines may be subject to change with minimal or no notice from the Government so please bear with us if we ask you to do something different when you arrive – we will try to keep up to date information available.

We will publish the full rules and guidelines soon, but in the meantime here’s the most important stuff:

Non-participating family members may accompany you camping, but are not permitted to enter the game-zone during play. Please advise us in advance if more than one non-participant will be remaining on site so we can ensure compliance with COVID-19 regulations.

Applicable social distancing rules will be strictly enforced at all times, we currently recommend planning for groups of no more than six people in and around your immediate camping and socializing area. If we are able to safely and legally accommodate larger groups, then it’s a bonus!

Please plan for quiet socializing within your group in the evenings – loud music may not be permitted depending on the guidelines in place at the time.

The usual rules to do with fire will be in place – small, contained fires are permitted off the ground, we are usually have limited quantities of firewood available – please do not harvest wood from anywhere else on site (you know who you are, chainsaw guy)!

The full ruleset and loadout details will be published soon with links here.