ExpiredNam 1968 – Return to Vinhlinh

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Gunman Airsoft and FilmSim Events proudly presents…
‘1968’ Return to Vinhlinh
Gunman Eversley ‘The Fire Base’
June 29-30 2019
£65 early bird booking for the weekend with a £25 deposit to be paid or £35 for the day with only £25 deposit.
£75 cash on the gate with no deposit.

January 1968
Location: The Demarcation Line, Vinhlinh.

In August 1964 the first exchange of fire between the US and the North Vietnamese took place in the Tonkin Gulf with zero casualties on the US but number of North Vietnamese Navy operating torpedo boats were hit. This was the first probing of the US military whilst the CIA continued to gather intelligence and make analysis of the civil conflict, which at this point was mainly in the Southern regions across the Demarcation line. At this time ARVN training camps were in full operation.

On January 30 1968 began the massive Tet Offensive from the North, millions of NVA propelled themselves across the demarcation line and began the largest offensive of the war. These mixed units of PAVN and Vietcong were well organised and deadly.

Our story follows the sudden and surprise attack felt by many ‘Safe’ US controlled bases along the Demarcation line and beyond the DMZ. At Camp William, a US RnR station which was previously an ARVN training camp is about to have their day ruined.
The 33rd have been unleashed upon Vinhlinh.

US army – Mixed elements.
Aus recce on RnR – My have a BBQ going at all times.

PAVN 33rd Regiment
2nd Regiment VC

Both sides will have a fixed and out of game HQ with maps and radios but each group will have their own objectives.

Welcome to the War guys
Hi all and welcome to the next instalment of our epic Vietnam story. This is a full on FilmSim experience and everyone will be expected to play his or her part. Like Milsim, you may not be pulling your trigger all of the time, however when the shit hits the fan, it will really mean something. We hope everyone can get fully immersed, live, eat and breathe the 1960s conflict.

We can offer full rental kit for anyone that needs if for free and period rifles are only £20 for the weekend. This will include 3 x 30rnd mags to get you going.

For this game you will need:
Full camping equipment
Water – drinking
Airsoft Kit (if you have it)
Food and booze for the socials.

Please try to bring and use period (ish) kit only if you can, NOTHING modern looking can be taken into the field or it MUST be disguised to not break the immersion of the camp.
There will be an out of game camping area too for guys will plastic tents.

Game times.
Gates open at 12pm for those that want to get onsite early. Registration will be open until 8pm.

Registration re-opens at 8.00am
Briefing at 9.30am
Game starts around 10am
Game will finish when it finishes!

Briefing at 9.30am
Game will re-start at 10am
Game will finish no later than 1pm

We will provide field radios and maps for the commanders in the field. PLEASE do not bring personal comms, only platoon radios will be allocated and used.

  • NAM 1968 - Return to Vinhlinh
    29/06/2019 - 30/06/2019
    09:30 - 13:00




Venue Phone: 07711 774401

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