UpcomingRed Mist 30: The Termoli Airfields

Event Phone: 07711 774401

Age restricted event – 18 plus or 16 plus accompanied by a playing adult

FilmSim events is proud to present…
RED MIST 30 – The Termoli Airfields
November 23-24 2019
Gunman Tuddenham, Suffolk.

£75 for the weekend or £45 for the Saturday or £85/£55 on the gate.
Advance prices secured by a £35 deposit.

IMPORTANT! – This is a fully immersive role-play event based in the mid 1980s. Every player has a responsibility to ensure that their costume, weaponry and equipment is suitable to the period and unit being played. We are not looking for re-enactment or documentary levels of accuracy, however you do need to be roughly believable. Please don’t rock up wearing MTP and carrying a modern M4 – you will not be permitted to join the event!

We usually have access to various suitable costume, kit and weapons which can be made available for loan if you need some help – if you are new to the Vietnam airsoft scene and want to see what it’s all about, pop onto the Facebook event and ask some questions or drop us an email before booking a place. We are very welcoming to new players to the genre and want you (and the other players) to enjoy the experience to the full so will be happy to ensure you get all the help you need without expecting you to shell out on a full loadout.

Red Mist – ‘Casino’ Day 9’

Location: The Airfields of Termoli.

More to follow

Hi all and welcome to the next incredible and awesome Cold War story, set in our fictional WW3 Cold War setting.
If this is your first RED MIST, welcome to the FilmSim experience. FilmSim is all about the story and how people react to situations in game. Its very role-play and the action (using airsoft) is normally fast and furious. We will be using the full FilmSim rules and 300 rounds loaded in mags.

To all the regular players, a huge thanks for your continued support of these games and we need your help to continue to grown the Cold War scene.

For pics of our epic events check out www.wyvernlarp.com

The sides.
NATO – US and UK uniforms from Infantry.
Warpac – DDR (East German) and Soviet VDV

Anything else will get assigned depending on numbers and story

  • Red Mist 30 - The Termoli Airfields
    23/11/2019 - 24/11/2019
    08:00 - 13:00
Price Qty
NATO - US Weekendshow details + £35.00 (GBP)  
NATO - UK Weekendshow details + £35.00 (GBP)  
WarPac - Soviet Weekendshow details + £35.00 (GBP)  
Warpac - East German DDR Weekendshow details + £35.00 (GBP)  
NATO - US Saturdayshow details + £35.00 (GBP)  
NATO - UK Saturdayshow details + £35.00 (GBP)  
WarPac - Soviet Saturdayshow details + £35.00 (GBP)  
Warpac - East German DDR Saturdayshow details + £35.00 (GBP)  



Venue Phone: 07711 774461

Cavenham Road, Tuddenham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6DF, United Kingdom

Our Tuddenham Urban site is an old WWII Lancaster base with 13 playable buildings as well as large open skirmish areas, including a large area of mixed woodland and scrub. The 45 acre site is a mix of CQB and wood/scrub. We have a large brick building housing a shop and space for players' kit. The shop sells a range of airsoft guns and accessories as well as soft drinks and snacks. Complimentary tea & coffee is usually available. We have two portable chemical toilets on site which are emptied every week. We run regular monthly open weekends offering both FilmSim and skirmish airsoft types. We also host many special events throughout the year.