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Gunman Airsoft and FilmSim Events proudly presents…
Gunman Eversley ‘Bravo’
June 27-28 2020Now 12th & 13th September 2020
£65 early bird booking for the weekend with a £25 deposit to be paid or £45 for the day with only £15 deposit via www.gunmanairsoft.co.uk
£85 cash on the gate with no deposit.

May 14 1969
Location. Dong Ap Bia, South Vietnam

PAVN targets have been flagged up in the A Sau Valley, South Vietnam and command believes these to be enemy camps and supply depots. A series of operations under the code name Apache Snow has been approved and to lead this operation, Lt Col Huneycutt, a protégé to the former commander of the Vietnam campaign, General Westmoreland has been given the responsibility to get it done. The idea of the operation is to have many Brigades hit multiple areas at the same time with air support and reinforcements by Helicopter.

Due to the dense vegetation very little confirmed intelligence has been gathered beyond the fact enemy were there and using the valley to their advantage.

Our story follows a day after the operation went hot with elements of the US fighting force stuck at the base of target Hill 937. So far, the forward units have taken heavy casualties and a medical harbor needs to be set up to take care of the casualties. Command is giving orders to push forward but at this time communication between the companies and even platoons has become disjointed. After the casualties have been dealt with the 3rd Regiment of the 1st infantry Division needs to get a result. The pressure for the on the ground officers is high as nearly all the other objectives by the Division have been completed with support from the 3/101st Airborne Division.

The battle for the HILL is about to begin.

US 1st Infantry and 101st Airbourn with ARVN support
PAVN 29th Infantry with VC elements in support.

Hi all and welcome to the next instalment of our epic Vietnam story. This is a full on FilmSim experience and everyone will be expected to play his or her part. Like Milsim, you may not be pulling your trigger all of the time, however when the shit hits the fan, it will really mean something. We hope everyone can get fully immersed, live, eat and breathe the 1960s conflict.

We can offer full rental kit for anyone that needs if for free and period rifles are only £20 a day £30 for the weekend. This will include 3 x 30rnd mags to get you going.

For this game you will need:
Full camping equipment
Water – drinking
Airsoft Kit (if you have it)
Food and booze for the socials.

Please try to bring and use period (ish) kit only if you can, NOTHING modern looking can be taken into the field or it MUST be disguised to not break the immersion of the camp.
There will be an out of game camping area too for guys will plastic tents.

Game times.
Gates open at 12pm for those that want to get onsite early. Registration will be open until 8pm.

Registration re-opens at 8.00am
Briefing at 9.30am
Game starts around 10am
Game will finish when it finishes!

Briefing at 9.30am
Game will re-start at 10am
Game will finish no later than 1pm

We will provide field radios and maps for the commanders in the field. PLEASE do not bring personal comms, only platoon radios will be allocated and used.

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions when booking your ticket. If you are unable to attend after paying a deposit, we will not issue a refund, however you may sell or transfer your ticket to another player if you wish.

IMPORTANT! – This is a fully immersive role-play event based in the Vietnam War of the late 1960s. Every player has a responsibility to ensure that their costume, weaponry and equipment is suitable to the period and unit being played. We are not looking for re-enactment or documentary levels of accuracy, however you do need to be roughly believable. Please don’t rock up wearing MTP and carrying a modern M4 – you will not be permitted to join the event!

We usually have access to various suitable costume, kit and weapons which can be made available for loan if you need some help – if you are new to the Vietnam airsoft scene and want to see what it’s all about, pop onto the Facebook event and ask some questions or drop us an email before booking a place. We are very welcoming to new players to the genre and want you (and the other players) to enjoy the experience to the full so will be happy to ensure you get all the help you need without expecting you to shell out on a full loadout.

  • Hamburger Hill
    11/09/2020 - 14/09/2020
    19:00 - 12:00
Price Qty
US - Saturday only (£45 ticket)show details + £15.00 (GBP)  
PAVN - Saturday only (£45 ticket)show details + £15.00 (GBP)  
US - Weekend (£65 ticket)show details + £25.00 (GBP)  
PAVN - Weekend (£65 ticket)show details + £25.00 (GBP)  




Venue Phone: 07711 774401

Fleet Road (A327), Eversley, Hampshire, RG27 0PY, United Kingdom

The Gunman Airsoft Camp Bravo site is located a short distance along the road from our main Eversley site, next to Eversley Storage. This site is ideal for the shorter, faster-paced skirmish style games which run here on the first weekend of every month.