ExpiredG.I. Bank Holiday Weekender 2019

Event Phone: 07711 774401

August bank holiday weekend 2019

Gunman Airsoft and FilmSim events proudly presents…

Battlefield 2119 – ‘A New Threat’

August 24-25 2019
Westwood Equestrian center

Advance tickets sales have now ended – Non-booked walk-on spaces will be £50 for Saturday only or £80 and will be on Red Faction

This weekend will be using the FULL FilmSim rules, which will get posted to the event and included to the page files.


The three factions will be identified in the field by coloured highlights to their loadouts. This means you can wear whatever camo or clothing you are comfortable with as long as it does not contain strong elements of a differing faction’s colour.
Suitable identification can be in the form of coloured armbands, hats/bandanas, shirts etc as long as it is obvious which faction you are attached to.

Red Faction of the Drakes MUST wear a RED element in their load-out and no other.

Blue Faction of the Hammers MUST wear a BLUE element in their load-out and no other.

The Dark Faction MUST wear a PURPLE element in their load-out and no other.

Be proud to represent your faction!


Each faction will consist of three types of unit. More detail about class roles can be found here.


Recon units carry a bolt-action rifle with 100 rounds maximum and prefer to use stealth to carry out their orders.


Tactical units carry 600 rounds maximum and work together in sections of up to eight persons. They prefer to stick together, plan out their operations in advance and keep close communication within their section.


Assault units carry 800 rounds maximum and have the use of a field pack for re-arming. Lightweight, hard hitting, fast and noisy, these Grunts have no fear in charging a target head-on.

Part payment deposits are Non-refundable, but the tickets can be sold on.
We will need to know the name of the new owner to update our booking information.

CAMPING is free and people can arrive from Friday morning at 10am to set up their camps.

This event is no longer catered – please bring your own food.

More updates to follow.

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In 2019 it begun, a slide of power and a change of ‘The Global Game’ left Europe in turmoil. Communications between the old cold war allies broke down and tension built up to a boiling point.
Conflict finale broke out in 2027 after a 5-year stalemate.

Up to this point the aggression was played out in proxy small war conflicts, which engulfed those countries before an actual full engagement between the governments of the East and the West would seal the worlds fate.

The first shot was fired on New Years Eve 2031 across the Thin Line, a line drawn by the small war conflicts and their victors. 24 hours later a billion soldiers engage and over the next 69 years nearly burnt themselves to extinction.
The fighting went Global, with only the continent of the Americas and the Island nations of the Pacific Oceans untouched. Africa was allied to the Blue Hammers and Asia and the Middle East allied to the Red Hammers.

In 2100 the two sides came together at the Helsinki summit and agreed a final ceasefire. Their world was unrecognizable and billions had perished and all the other summits had failed due to the inability to trust each other, but a new threat was coming, one that neither could fight on their own. Can they work together…?

For 19 years the peace has held and the populations of the Red and the Blue have once again swollen in numbers. The world, though broken, has regrown back its vegetation and resembles an age from long ago with ruined cities engulfed in natures claim.
Two major capitol cities still remain as the seats of Government and society.
Moscow is home to the Red Drakes and their huge underground capitol as well as a twin City in Beijing.
Madrid is home to the Blue Hammers and their sprawling super Metropolis City, the second City of the Blue Hammers is Rome with the whole of Old Italy now militarized like its ancient historic grandfather.

The New Threat.
For the past 18 months, reports of small insurgent elements have popped up on the homeland security network of both the governments of the Drakes and Hammers. A short period of extreme tension passed when the civil Governments reached out and sent representatives to look at each other’s gathered intelligence and found this new threat foreign to both.

An ‘Agent’ that had helped cause the insurgency through a covert manner of segregation and manipulation was questioned and revealed a third party player had taken an interest in Europa and its resources. Who is the third player…

  • GI Weekender 2019
    24/08/2019 - 25/08/2019
    08:00 - 14:00



Great Westwood Equestrian, Old House Lane, Sarrat, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, WD4 8RS, United Kingdom

Set in 60 acres of undulating woodland and open spaces and criss-crossed with vehicle tracks, this is a very versatile site which suits a huge range of game scenarios., The site has a large safe zone with plenty of space for parking and camping as well as mains power, water and toilets. The site is available for Gunman Airsoft special events.