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Players must be aged 18+ or 16+ if playing with an adult

FilmSim events is proud to present…
Deltas of Suhud. 1990s
The Hacku San Mountain
7-8 March 2020
Gunman Airsoft Eversley Alpha, Hampshire
£75 for the weekend, only 30 players and 20 free CREW.
All bookings MUST be done below.

October 16th 1992.
Location: The Suhudian mountain range of the Hacku San on the Israeli Suhud border in the Zunglola regions eastern bulge.

With military action now taking place between Suhud and the NATO forces of the UK and US, military targets are being located and tagged by covert recon units and the intelligence agencies. There is still no concrete proof that the Suhad Dictator, General Waqqas has WMD’s (weapons of mass destruction) however the rescue of the Pro Government regimes leader and anti Waqqas freedom fighter, Ali Waddi, has confirmed that the Suhud oil being bought by a conglomerate arm, linked to the Russian government is not just exchanging money. This two-way relationship also includes weapons, military hardware and training.

NATO command has no choice but to take notice of this new intelligence and has put together a team from units used in earlier recon operations. These units are from both the UK and the US forces and have in field experience of the Suhudian culture.

The highest point of Suhud is in a large stretch of mountains called the Hacku San mountain range on the eatern border with Israel. Situated in a huge bulge, the mountains have peaks over 6000ft in some places but also have a number of huge plateaus dotted around it. Some are open and flat, others are richly covered in forests. It’s the concern of NATO command that this remote plateaus could be used to conceal long-range missile systems. The mountains are impassable from Israel and stretch across the entire bulge. Only one road, the Eastbound highway 1, that runs from the Suez into Israel through Suhud and past its capitol of Carrack links Suhud to Israel. No surprise, this potion of the road has been closed since the independence of Suhud in 1964 and is one of the most highly secured roads in the world.

The two units of UK and US will be dropped via helicopter into their drop locations and have 12 hours to get into the mountains, gather Intel and get out again. This is a black ops.

WELCOME to FilmSim…
Welcome to FilmSim events and Gunman Airsoft’s 1990s series of airsoft experiences. Rather than choose a historical setting, we have chosen to make up a country in the Middle East and will introduce many others as we go. To give the game a small pedigree, we have chosen a few real world things of the 1990s to help bring our fictional country to life. This is an airsoft game using equipment and period looking kit of the 1990s without it being factual.

30 x NATO – any Arid/desert period clothing from any NATO country. However, we don’t want 1 or 2 guys in the same clothing, better to have at least a small unit of 4 or more.
Mixed green and desert or all desert/Arid only! No pure green.
Weapons – NATO issue only (NO AK)

20 CREW PLACES – FREE role play roles to help bring the game together.
x Suhudian Army – OG top and bottom or soviet Flora BDU uniform. All must be complete top and bottom matching, no mixed OG and Camo.
Webbing, OG or Black.
AK variants only.
Suhud tribesmen – Anti NATO. Arab clothing, any pre 1980s weapons.

Operations events see a number of 2-3 hour ops take place each day all set around a story. players are invited to join the crew on Ops there are not taking part in.

Arrival Friday night for a social.
Saturday – 08.00am registration.
09.30am Briefings and out. This game will end 27 hours later at 1300hrs, 1pm Sunday.

We will have a huge pile of FREE loan uniforms and period correct rifles available for £20 for the weekend. A small shop will be provided too.

Tickets are nonrefundable but you can sell them on if you can’t make the game.

  • The Hacku San Mountain
    07/03/2020 - 08/03/2020
    08:00 - 13:00
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Venue Phone: 07711 774401

The Welsh Drive, Fleet Road, Eversley, Hampshire, RG27 0QB, United Kingdom

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