We will update this page with the most current information during the Worldwide COVID-19 outbreak.

The current recommendation on self-isolation from the government can be found at

Statement as of Monday 23rd March:

With things as they are, we have made the difficult decision that Gunman Airsoft will be officially closing for 4 weeks as of today.

We plan to reopen for the last weekend of April if things improve.

As a small business that relies entirely on airsoft for its income and with large overheads, it was an emotional struggle this weekend with the operation at Eversley, and will be now joining the rest of the U.K. in closing its doors. This crisis MUST take priority over income, let’s just hope the government can deliver enough to all to stay afloat. We are actually quite surprised an ‘enforcement’ for ALL activities to stop hasn’t been demanded already but we’re sure one will come soon.

Stay safe and well and fingers crossed we all get to meet up again for more toy soldiers ASAP. Our thoughts are with you all as no one will get to escape this.

Tickets already paid for

We appreciate that some of you have already paid for tickets for events scheduled between now and the end of April which we have had to cancel. We are asking for your help and understanding at this time, and ask that you consider helping us out by accepting a credit for the same ticket on a day of your choice once we are back open again. This would be hugely helpful in keeping us afloat and ensuring that we can reopen once the risk is reduced. We will try and find some way of thanking you once we reopen.

Anyone demanding a refund, will of course receive one, however with no income and bills to pay, we will be unable to issue these immediately. Please bear with us during these unprecedented times – we will ensure that none of you lose any money.

Once again, we thank you for your continued support and understanding in these unprecedented circumstances

Thank you, and stay safe