Newsletter Week 37 2020

We’ve had several messages in the last few days asking whether the latest COVID measures will have an impact on our events going forward. We’ve had a good read of them and are happy to say that they should not have any effect on our current arrangements.

We currently operate events under the rules and guidelines for organised team sports, which are not covered by the new restrictions, so our existing measures will be adequate.

Please note though, that it is now all the more important for everyone attending our events to do their part to socially distance while in the safe zone, car park or camping areas. Individual groups of up to six persons may socialise closely (please wear face coverings if closer than 2 metres to persons outside of your household), there MUST be a distance of at least two metres between groups.

Groups of persons socialising in the evenings will be closely monitored and no exceptions will be made to the six-person group rules. Once the manager in charge retires for the night, a mandatory curfew will be put in place, requiring everyone to go home or to their individual tents. It will only take one larger group to jeopardise our continuing ability to run events with an evening social atmosphere.

Regardless of whether you think it’s silly or that it doesn’t matter, this is the way things will have to be for a while, if you are not able to fully comply with these restrictions, please leave site immediately after the game finishes, or don’t come in the first place. We are not willing to risk everything that we have worked for over one group’s silliness.

That being said, we have a couple of awesome events lined up for this weekend – Tuddenham is running open days using the FilmSim ruleset, and we have a Vietnam FilmSim event on at Camp Bravo.

Next weekend we are also running FilmSim open days at Eversley Alpha – tickets are running out fast for this one, so make sure you book a space soon if you want to come. We also have a skirmish open weekend at Tuddenham.

The next Okto Eight MilSim event will be up on the website and available for public booking from the 14th – tickets are very limited, so you will need to get in fast to secure a space.

For those of you who have been experiencing registration issues with the website, these should now have been fixed for you. Anyone with a Microsoft email (outlook, Hotmail, live etc) was not receiving the automated emails generated as part of the registration or password reset process.

We have now put some changes in place to penetrate a bit further through Microsoft’s spam defences and are happy to report that our website emails are now at least making it as far as your spam/junk folders! If you have been unable to login, you should now be able to request a password reset email from the login page on the site. Adding to your list of permitted emails may help as well.

If you are experiencing further issues, please email us (enquiries or doug) so that we can help you out.

Just a reminder that although we operate several sites across the country, we have minimal staff dealing with enquiries during the week. As a result, you will get the fastest response from us if you call the main admin phone number 07711 774461 during normal business hours, or email us. We generally do not monitor Facebook messages when we are off the clock or out of the office, so please don’t use this method if you need a fast response. We also work every weekend running events, so usually are not in the office on Mondays and Tuesdays although we will try and answer any phone enquiries if we can.

 We have just acquired individual mobiles for each of our three regular sites. The numbers will be published on our website and Facebook pages once they have been distributed to the managers. These will be for phone enquiries on game days only (for example you’re running late, can’t find the site etc). Please do not expect a fast response from these numbers during the week or on weekends when the site is closed. Text messages may go unread for several days in between games as the site managers generally only work on game weekends.

For admin, tickets, bookings, website and other enquiries, please use our main admin number or email us as the site managers will be unable to answer these kind of queries for you.

We are trying our hardest to be more available to answer your queries, but we are a very small team so please don’t expect corporate response times or 24/7 availability from us.

Stay safe, and we look forwards to seeing you all soon.

Newsletter Week 36 2020

Last weekend was an awesome success, with a brilliant GI weekender event as well as both Bravo and Tuddenham running open weekends. Huge thanks to everyone who came and supported us, particularly at the GI weekend where we had lots of extra restrictions in place on camping and socialising. We’re looking forward to running another one in May 2021 so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!

This weekend we are running our usual skirmish open weekend at Camp Bravo, and the sniper ban has now been lifted for this site. The sniper ban at Eversley Alpha will still be in place later this month, however.

Next weekend we have an epic FilmSim open weekend lined up at Tuddenham – we have made some tweaks to the rules regarding bandaging to ensure COVID-19 safety while still enjoying the extra role-play element central to our FilmSim experience!

We are also running a Vietnam Event at the Camp Bravo site – there are still some Saturday only spaces left on the VC side if you are interested, but everything else is sold out.

Newsletter Week 34 2020

We’ve got another exciting weekend in store for you at Camp Bravo – Sunday is sold out, but there are still a few spaces left for Saturday’s game if you want to join us. The weather will probably be wet and windy, so please prepare accordingly – we don’t cancel games unless it’s too dangerous to use the site.

Our new batch of badges have arrived and will be available for purchase on site this weekend. We’re super excited about these because it’s been a tough year for everyone so these will be a special “2020 Survivor” edition!

Next weekend is looking amazing! We have no less than three events to choose from – We are running our annual August bank holiday weekender at the awesome Kings Langley site – the event is different to anything you’ve attended before, with three factions, and class based play, it’s inspired by some of our favourite computer games. There are a few spaces still available for last minute deciders, we’ve reduced number this year so that we can manage things safely.

In addition to our epic GI Weekender, we are running the usual skirmish at Camp Bravo as well as a Battlefield themed weekend at Tuddenham.

Looking forward to September, our open day pricing has been reduced to our previous £25 walk-on and £50 rental prices. Spaces still need to be secured by buying a ticket on the website so we can control the number of players on site. Tickets will be available for purchase until the night before unless capacity is reached.

Newsletter Week 33 2020

With the GI weekender only a couple of weeks away, we have been hard at work making last minute preparations, including the measures which we will be putting in place to ensure COVID-19 compliance.

We will be requiring all players to wear lower face protection – preferably with some kind of fabric incorporated. Please also have a face-covering handy for use in the safe zone for the briefing etc. People camping over will need an individual tent for each household, although the pitch may be shared by up to six persons.

To permit co-operation with the NHS track and trace scheme, we will require each person attending to supply us a contact phone number. This will be kept on a paper record for 21 days after the event and then securely destroyed. It will not be used for any other purpose.

While we will have a shop on site, there will be no browsable area and we will mainly be selling consumables such as ammo, gas etc. Please try to be as prepared as possible. We will also have very limited charging facilities for batteries, so please plan for this and don’t rely on us being able to charge your batteries.

When you arrive on site, you will be greeted by a marshal who will issue each person with a paper copy of the COVID-19 requirements so you can refer to it. It is vital that everyone co-operates with this, as if people disregard the rules the event will have to be shut down.

The usual social on Saturday evening will be restricted to small groups around their own tent pitches – we will not be supplying any food or drink, so make your own arrangements. We ask that everyone be extra sensible especially in regard to their alcohol intake to avoid getting too relaxed and failing to observe social distancing.

One warning will be issued to any group breaching the social distance rules, a further breach will result in the whole group being ejected from site – take responsibility for yourself and your friends!

Running a larger event at this time has taken a lot of planning and preparation as well as the co-operation of the venue owner. We are very fortunate to be able to run this year, but it requires everybody to comply with the rules to ensure safety. Please be prepared for any other changes which may have to be implemented at short notice.

We will be publishing a complete list of the measures and requirements in place for this event as soon as we have everything finalised.

September is nearly upon us and, as promised, we are returning to our previous pricing at our open days. Walk-on tickets will be back to £25, rental packages will be back to £40. A ticket is still required for entry to ensure that we keep player numbers at a level which we can manage safely – please do not just turn up on the day. We know that some of you are unable to commit until the last minute, so we have kept the booking open until the night before.

We are now permitting camping on our sites in limited numbers, small groups of up to six may pitch together, but individuals may not share a tent unless they are from the same household or “support bubble” as recommended by the government.

We have also moved our email system to our own server, so make sure you check your spam box if you’re expecting an email from one of our addresses just in case.

Newsletter Week 31 2020

We had another exciting weekend at both Camp Bravo and Tuddenham, huge thanks to everyone who attended.

We are confident now that we can continue to meet social distancing requirements in the safe zones with 50 players per day, and as promised, we will be dropping our ticket prices back to the £25 and £50 which they were at before lockdown. This will take effect from September’s events.

We will still be requiring people to book on the website in advance, in order to avoid overfilling on the day, so please continue to use this method.

Apologies for the issues with booking on the website over the last week – Doug found a great way to improve the website loading speed, but unfortunately, it broke the login system. The site does now require you to login to buy tickets, and the issue has been fixed, although the speed improvements have also been lost. We will be addressing this over the next few weeks with some changes on the server end.

As always, if you experience any issues with the booking system, please email

We have also made some changes to the Facebook pages when it comes to messaging. The only Facebook page whose messages will be monitored and responded to will be the main Gunman Airsoft page at the other pages will auto-respond. This has been done to avoid missed messages and should hopefully speed up our response. Please do not send PMs to the staff’s accounts on Facebook, these often go un-noticed for long periods of time. We are not avid Facebookers outside of our work use (Doug doesn’t even have Facebook on his personal devices) so please bear with us if you don’t get an immediate reply.

Most of the questions which we get asked are answered on our website, so have a look there if you don’t get a speedy reply. If an event is open for booking, it will be on the website, but may not be advertised on Facebook. Please feel free to phone us on our published numbers, but again, we have families and are away working every weekend, so we usually have Mondays and Tuesdays as down time and may not respond during these times.

Lastly, just a reminder that this is your last chance to get discounted tickets for the GI weekender at the end of August – use the voucher code “GI20EARLY” at checkout to get a £10 discount before Friday night! The blue Hammers team is already fully booked, so don’t leave it until the last minute if you want to be on the same team as your mates.

Thank you all once again for your continued support.

Newsletter Week 30 2020

We’re starting to get back into the swing of things now with another couple of awesome weekends at both Tuddenham and Eversley Alpha site.

This weekend we are back at Tuddenham again as well as Camp Bravo for two days of skirmish fun. Tuddenham still has some spaces available on the Sunday, so if you’ve missed out over the last couple of weeks, get booked.

General clearance work is well underway at our Tuddenham site, with several of the Marshals putting in some huge efforts to catch up with the weeds and brambles. We also have new structures going up. We now have Robbie as a dedicated site manager for Tuddenham, he has some big plans going forward, the first of which being to re-introduce mid-week night games! The first of these will be in August, the event is up on the website for booking now.

Keep your eyes on the Tuddenham Facebook page for more exciting news as well as competitions with some great prizes.

Our new 2020 patches are now being manufactured, as soon as we have them available we’ll let you know.

Our Camp Bravo site at Eversley is now running evening games on every Wednesday and Friday night – spaces are limited and should be booked by emailing

On a technical note, we have been experiencing some issues recently with the website being slow. Doug is looking into it in an effort to discover whether it’s a hosting problem, or something related to the new booking software. He will be performing some database and server maintenance tonight during which time the site will be unavailable. If it’s not back up and running by the morning he’s probably passed out on his keyboard at 4am again…

We are also experiencing an issue where some of you have not been emailed a ticket. Doug is looking into this issue as well, and hopefully will have a fix sorted soon. The bug has also meant that your name may not have been automatically added to the attendee list used on the gate. Doug is aware of this and has manually added everybody who is affected onto the lists for this weekend. Any issues, get in touch with Doug on 07711 774461 or he is mostly available Wed to Sun but very selfishly has Mondays and Tuesdays to himself, so bear with him on those days (also he’s rubbish at checking Facebook messages!)

Newsletter Week 29 2020

We had yet another awesome weekend at both the Tuddenham and Camp Bravo sites last week. Thank you all once again.

This weekend we are running at Tuddenham and the Eversley Alpha site on Saturday and Sunday. Places are still limited, but have been increased to 40 per day. There are still a couple of tickets left at the time of writing this, pop to our website to book a place.

Please note that the sniper ban is currently in place at our Eversley sites as the undergrowth is always keen at this time of year and it’s had a few months of nobody running around in it as well, so expect full on Vietnam style jungle! There is now no catering available at the Alpha site this weekend, so please bring some food.

We have got a new 2020 Gunman patch on the way, as soon as they arrive, we will let you know, and you can grab yours at one of our sites.

Thanks again for your continued support and enthusiasm, we’re so glad to be back to doing what we love; providing high quality days of airsoft for you guys.

COVID-19 Measures Update

After two weekends of successfully managing 30 customers per day on our sites, we are confident enough with our existing measures to be able to support 40 on our open days comfortable without increasing the risk to crew and customers form COVID-19.

We will be opening up extra spaces from next weekend at both the Eversley and Tuddenham events which are currently sold out. This will require everybody who attends to continue sticking to the procedures put in place, so far everybody has been super supportive.

We are also now offering catering at both our Eversley sites, with staff having been trained in the extra measures required. No food or drink will be sold at Tuddenham for the time being.

Once again, we than you all for your continued support and ask you to ensure that you do not become complacent when attending our sites.

Newsletter Week 28 2020

We had a very successful weekend at both Tuddenham and Camp Bravo – huge thanks to everyone who joined in and stuck to the new safe-zone rules.

This weekend we are back at both sites again, with a fully-booked weekend. We will be re-assessing after this weekend whether we feel we can safely raise the player numbers to 40 for August if we can. This does rely on everybody continuing to be sensible in the safe-zone and stay vigilant with your distancing.

We are bringing extra stock to site with us, but most of it will not be displayed to avoid the temptation to fondle it, so if there’s something that you need, please ask in case we have it under the counter. We are starting to place stock orders again, so if there is anything you need, drop us an email over the weekend so we can try and get it in for you.

Don’t forget that our GI weekender event is still on for the end of August bank holiday weekend at the usual site in Hertfordshire. Tickets are back on sale on the website, and if you use the voucher code “GI20EARLY” there is a £10 discount per ticket if booked before the end of July! Camping will be available for this event, thanks to the huge field which we have in the safe zone.

At the moment, we would prefer if people did not camp at our open weekends as we need all the space we can get in the safe-zone, however we are able to accommodate small groups if you are travelling a large distance to attend, providing that the current Government guidelines are adhered to.

Newsletter Week 27 2020

We are all geared up for our first weekend of airsoft in forever and are really excited to see you all!

Both Tuddenham and Camp Bravo are completely sold out this weekend, so please don’t come down unless you have a ticket as we will have to turn you away.

Tuddenham is running Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Camp Bravo is Saturday and Sunday only.

Both sites will have as much retail as we can bring with us and display behind the counter – we will not have everything out for display to prevent people handling stock and putting it back, so please ask if you don’t see what you need. We will certainly have BBs, gas and pyro as well as eye/face protection and gloves.

The rest of the weekends in July are booking up fast, so make sure you book a ticket early to avoid disappointment, particularly if you want to play with your mates.

We will consider opening up extra space for our August open days if we feel we can do so safely – it’s mainly about managing social distancing in the safe-zone, we will have a better idea of how well our current measures work over the next couple of weeks and will only increase capacity if we are sure it is safe and sensible to do so.

We are also looking to place a small order for some new stock next week – we are accepting special orders with advance payment for collection on site next weekend, so if there’s something you fancy drop us an email before Monday evening and we’ll see if we can add it to the order if possible.

Stay safe, see you all soon.