Newsletter Week 42 2020

We’ve had a hugely exciting week with confirmation that we will be taking over running open days and events at the awesome Battle Lakes site near Tunbridge Wells in Kent! The site requires minimal preparation before we start, so we’ve already published three open weekends, with tickets going live at midday on Friday.

This is an amazing site with all sorts of natural and man-made features with great facilities in the safe-zone as well. We will be running a skirmish open weekend on the first Saturday of every month, and a FilmSim open weekend every third Saturday. The first skirmish is lined up for the 7th & 8th of November, with numbers limited to 50 players, so get in quick so you don’t miss out.

Work is continuing at our Tuddenham site, with the guys putting in huge efforts to get the new features up and running that you’ve been patiently waiting for! This weekend is a FilmSim Battlefield special at Tuddenham – featuring our take on some of our favourite video game multiplayer modes, but in a live action style. The “shazam!” defib pads will of course be putting in an appearance for instant revives (or kills) as well as plenty of things that go bang!

Don’t forget that there are still spaces available for the revival of our (im)famous Halloween night operation at Tuddenham as well – secure your place with a £5 deposit and come and help contain the incident at the secret research facility. Torch mandatory, rifles optional, spare underwear strongly recommended…

Next weekend sees the ever popular skirmish open weekends at Camp Bravo and Tuddenham, and after that we’re into November already!

New site announcement!

We’ve had a hugely exciting week with confirmation that we will be taking over running open days and events at the awesome Battle Lakes site near Tunbridge Wells in Kent! The site requires minimal preparation before we start, so we’ve already published three open weekends, with tickets going live at midday on Friday.

This is an amazing site with all sorts of natural and man-made features with great facilities in the safe-zone as well. We will be running a skirmish open weekend on the first Saturday of every month, and a FilmSim open weekend every third Saturday. The first skirmish is lined up for the 7th & 8th of November, with numbers limited to 50 players, so get in quick so you don’t miss out.

Check out the new Facebook page for the site!

Newsletter Week 41 2020

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks with some awesome games at our Tuddenham and Camp Bravo sites as well as the 24hr Descent MilSim at Alpha. Massive thanks to everyone who made it and were able to adapt to the last minute changes.

We also had another great night game at Tuddenham – don’t forget that we are squeezing in an extra night game this month with the return of our freaky Halloween night game spectacular! The chainsaw gimp has been coaxed out of his retirement chest and is straining at the leash to get at you! Tickets are now available on the website, but places are limited and will sell out fast, so get your deposits in.

This weekend we are back at Tuddenham for another FilmSim open event – Sunday is sold out, but we still have three tickets left for Saturday at this point.

Next weekend we return to Eversley Bravo with another FilmSim open event – this one is “Operation Spider” details to follow on the Facebook event page. There are still spaces available for both days, so get booking if you’re interested.

We also have a skirmish open event on at Tuddenham on the same dates (17th & 18th) with plenty of tickets available for both days at the moment.

We have also decided to squeeze in an extra FilmSim open weekend at Tuddenham this month, this special weekend will be a Battlefield theme and will be hosted by Doug to give Robbie a well-earned break!

We have now introduced a new consent/insurance waiver form, we will now need every player to bring a completed form with them to every game – the same for can be used for adults and under 18s and will be all that is required in the way of paperwork (apart from your ticket) when arriving on site. Forms can be downloaded from our website and filled out in advance – we hope that this will help to speed up the signing in process as well as reducing clustering and unnecessary physical contact in the safe zone.

We will have blank forms to fill in on site, but it would really help speed up your experience if you can pre-fill one in advance.

We will also have QR codes on display on our sites now for users of the NHS test & trace app.

For the latest updates on our COVID measures, be sure to check the frontpage of our website, where we will link any new announcements.

COVID-19 Update 18/09/20

We have always put considerable time and effort into ensuring that our sites are operating safely and within the law. Since restarting our games in July, we have consistently gone above and beyond the minimum required of us by law to mitigate the new risks resulting from COVID-19.

As a result, we are satisfied that our existing measures are robust enough to satisfy the new requirements introduced into law this week.

It is now incredibly important that everyone attending any of our events abide by the rules which we have in place. The UK is currently at another tipping point, with another potential lockdown looming on the horizon if conditions deteriorate.

It is for this reason that everyone needs to be sensible and cooperate with all of the measures put into place. None of us want to see our sport suspended again, least of all those of us for whom it is our sole source of income. Please, please, please don’t come to events with the attitude that it doesn’t matter, or that some of the rules are silly and petty, and please remain vigilant throughout your time with us.

Please do not come to site if you, or anyone in your household are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

Groups of more than six persons are not permitted. If you are part of a larger group who wish to attend together you will need to split into smaller sections and remain in these groups throughout your day.

We are still permitting small numbers of players to camp over if they are travelling a long distance – again, you must stay in groups of six or less and do not move between those groups while on site. If you need to camp over, please ensure that you communicate with the site manager before coming so that you know what is required of you.

We are now legally required to take a contact number for at least one person out of every group. We will ask each individual to provide us with a contact number on arrival for NHS track and trace. If you are in a group, we can accept a single contact number for more than one person in the group if the contact is willing to offer it. If you are on site alone we have to take your number.

Contact numbers taken for this purpose will be kept on a paper record for the required 21 days and then securely destroyed. They will not be used for any other purpose than to comply with the track & trace requirements.

Face coverings:

Face coverings are an important part of containing the spread of the virus. They are not there to prevent the wearer from contracting the virus (although they may help reduce the risk). Their primary purpose is to prevent the wearer from spreading the virus to others if they are carrying it but are as yet unaware. This is more likely to occur among young, healthy individuals as these persons are less likely to display severe (or in some cases, any) symptoms if infected.

Please do not be selfish by making silly excuses not to wear a face covering when around others. If you struggle to wear a face covering for longer periods, we recommend a neck snood which can quickly be lifted temporarily when approaching others or entering the shop.

We do, however recognise that there may be a genuine medical reason why some persons are unable to wear a face covering for extended periods, or while engaging in exercise. We expect these persons to make every effort, using other measures to shield others from possible infection, for example maintaining a two-metre minimum distance.

As with all medical conditions which may affect your health, safety and wellbeing while on site, we also expect you to notify the site manager on arrival in case an incident arises during your visit.

Within the car park and safe zone areas, we require the following actions from all customers:

Wear a face covering at all times where possible. We will not be forcing people to do this as all of our safe zone areas are currently outdoors, however we expect everyone to comply if they are able to avoid forgetting.

If you enter a building or tent in the safe zone area, you are legally required to wear a face covering if you are able to do so.

You will need to stick with a social group of six persons or fewer while in the safe zone. Do not go within two metres of others not in this group of six.

Our activities in the game zone are covered under different rules and our existing precautionary measures already take these rules into account.

We ask that you comply with the following while in the game zone:

Maintain a minimum two-metre distance from others not in your six-person group where possible.

If wearing a covering over your nose and mouth you may get within two-metres for very short periods – we still advise that distance is maintained.

Under 18s must wear lower face protection anyway in order to be permitted to play – this has always been the case and is a requirement of our public liability insurance policy.

Players aged 18 and above are already strongly encouraged to wear lower face protection, those choosing not to, do so at their own risk when it comes to injury from BB impacts etc. We require all adult players to wear some form of lower face covering unless they have a genuine medical reason not to do so as mentioned above.

Avoid clustering closely at respawn points or objectives – remember to maintain distance from others not in your six-person group. This is all the more important if you choose not to wear a face covering.

When gathering for briefings/debriefings be alert as to your distancing and avoid getting too close to others.

Physical contact with other players is not permitted – for FilmSim games, modified bandaging rules are in place and in-game casualties should not be moved.

We strongly recommend wearing gloves while in the game zone. Interaction with any props carries a very small risk of contamination and is done so at your own risk – please wear gloves if possible.

Over the next week, we will be listing our open day events for the rest of 2020 on both our website and Facebook pages to help everyone with their planning. We will not be making tickets available for purchase until a month before the event to allow for any changes in capacity or the possibility of event cancellation.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all once again for your continued support and understanding and look forward to seeing you out in the field.

Newsletter Week 38 2020

Huge thanks to everyone who supported our Vietnam event at the weekend as well as the FilmSim open days at Tuddenham. Tuddenham pictures should be posted to the Facebook page and Instagram feed.

Pictures from the GI weekender, Okto Eight and the Vietnam event are up at please support our photographers by buying a hi-res copy of any images you like instead of screenshotting, or better yet, buy a print!

This weekend we have another awesome FilmSim open weekend at our Eversley Alpha site – this one is a Hunger Battles theme – details up on the Facebook event page this evening! We also have a skirmish weekend at Tuddenham – Saturday is sold out, but we have spaces on Sunday if you want to get involved.

We have now published our new site-specific mobile numbers. These will usually be switched on from Friday to Sunday on a game weekend and manned by the site managers. Please continue to book places on the website and direct all admin and website queries to the main number of 07711 774461 or via email.

Tuddenham: 07546 439851 (Robbie)
Eversley Alpha: 07546 449695 (Johnny & Kitty)
Eversley Bravo: 07546 426310 (Boston)

We have had an issue with our email server being blocked by Microsoft recently (Outlook, Hotmail, Live etc). Apologies to anyone affected – if you were having problems gaining access to new accounts on the website, you should now be able to use the “forgotten password” link on the login page to reset your account now. Bear in mind that some of our emails are ending up in spam/junk folders at the moment until we can fully resolve the issues – adding us to your “safe senders” list or marking the messages as “not junk” will help no end.

We will be running a Halloween night game this year again at Tuddenham – details to follow next week!

Newsletter Week 37 2020

We’ve had several messages in the last few days asking whether the latest COVID measures will have an impact on our events going forward. We’ve had a good read of them and are happy to say that they should not have any effect on our current arrangements.

We currently operate events under the rules and guidelines for organised team sports, which are not covered by the new restrictions, so our existing measures will be adequate.

Please note though, that it is now all the more important for everyone attending our events to do their part to socially distance while in the safe zone, car park or camping areas. Individual groups of up to six persons may socialise closely (please wear face coverings if closer than 2 metres to persons outside of your household), there MUST be a distance of at least two metres between groups.

Groups of persons socialising in the evenings will be closely monitored and no exceptions will be made to the six-person group rules. Once the manager in charge retires for the night, a mandatory curfew will be put in place, requiring everyone to go home or to their individual tents. It will only take one larger group to jeopardise our continuing ability to run events with an evening social atmosphere.

Regardless of whether you think it’s silly or that it doesn’t matter, this is the way things will have to be for a while, if you are not able to fully comply with these restrictions, please leave site immediately after the game finishes, or don’t come in the first place. We are not willing to risk everything that we have worked for over one group’s silliness.

That being said, we have a couple of awesome events lined up for this weekend – Tuddenham is running open days using the FilmSim ruleset, and we have a Vietnam FilmSim event on at Camp Bravo.

Next weekend we are also running FilmSim open days at Eversley Alpha – tickets are running out fast for this one, so make sure you book a space soon if you want to come. We also have a skirmish open weekend at Tuddenham.

The next Okto Eight MilSim event will be up on the website and available for public booking from the 14th – tickets are very limited, so you will need to get in fast to secure a space.

For those of you who have been experiencing registration issues with the website, these should now have been fixed for you. Anyone with a Microsoft email (outlook, Hotmail, live etc) was not receiving the automated emails generated as part of the registration or password reset process.

We have now put some changes in place to penetrate a bit further through Microsoft’s spam defences and are happy to report that our website emails are now at least making it as far as your spam/junk folders! If you have been unable to login, you should now be able to request a password reset email from the login page on the site. Adding to your list of permitted emails may help as well.

If you are experiencing further issues, please email us (enquiries or doug) so that we can help you out.

Just a reminder that although we operate several sites across the country, we have minimal staff dealing with enquiries during the week. As a result, you will get the fastest response from us if you call the main admin phone number 07711 774461 during normal business hours, or email us. We generally do not monitor Facebook messages when we are off the clock or out of the office, so please don’t use this method if you need a fast response. We also work every weekend running events, so usually are not in the office on Mondays and Tuesdays although we will try and answer any phone enquiries if we can.

 We have just acquired individual mobiles for each of our three regular sites. The numbers will be published on our website and Facebook pages once they have been distributed to the managers. These will be for phone enquiries on game days only (for example you’re running late, can’t find the site etc). Please do not expect a fast response from these numbers during the week or on weekends when the site is closed. Text messages may go unread for several days in between games as the site managers generally only work on game weekends.

For admin, tickets, bookings, website and other enquiries, please use our main admin number or email us as the site managers will be unable to answer these kind of queries for you.

We are trying our hardest to be more available to answer your queries, but we are a very small team so please don’t expect corporate response times or 24/7 availability from us.

Stay safe, and we look forwards to seeing you all soon.

Newsletter Week 36 2020

Last weekend was an awesome success, with a brilliant GI weekender event as well as both Bravo and Tuddenham running open weekends. Huge thanks to everyone who came and supported us, particularly at the GI weekend where we had lots of extra restrictions in place on camping and socialising. We’re looking forward to running another one in May 2021 so keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!

This weekend we are running our usual skirmish open weekend at Camp Bravo, and the sniper ban has now been lifted for this site. The sniper ban at Eversley Alpha will still be in place later this month, however.

Next weekend we have an epic FilmSim open weekend lined up at Tuddenham – we have made some tweaks to the rules regarding bandaging to ensure COVID-19 safety while still enjoying the extra role-play element central to our FilmSim experience!

We are also running a Vietnam Event at the Camp Bravo site – there are still some Saturday only spaces left on the VC side if you are interested, but everything else is sold out.

Newsletter Week 34 2020

We’ve got another exciting weekend in store for you at Camp Bravo – Sunday is sold out, but there are still a few spaces left for Saturday’s game if you want to join us. The weather will probably be wet and windy, so please prepare accordingly – we don’t cancel games unless it’s too dangerous to use the site.

Our new batch of badges have arrived and will be available for purchase on site this weekend. We’re super excited about these because it’s been a tough year for everyone so these will be a special “2020 Survivor” edition!

Next weekend is looking amazing! We have no less than three events to choose from – We are running our annual August bank holiday weekender at the awesome Kings Langley site – the event is different to anything you’ve attended before, with three factions, and class based play, it’s inspired by some of our favourite computer games. There are a few spaces still available for last minute deciders, we’ve reduced number this year so that we can manage things safely.

In addition to our epic GI Weekender, we are running the usual skirmish at Camp Bravo as well as a Battlefield themed weekend at Tuddenham.

Looking forward to September, our open day pricing has been reduced to our previous £25 walk-on and £50 rental prices. Spaces still need to be secured by buying a ticket on the website so we can control the number of players on site. Tickets will be available for purchase until the night before unless capacity is reached.

Newsletter Week 33 2020

With the GI weekender only a couple of weeks away, we have been hard at work making last minute preparations, including the measures which we will be putting in place to ensure COVID-19 compliance.

We will be requiring all players to wear lower face protection – preferably with some kind of fabric incorporated. Please also have a face-covering handy for use in the safe zone for the briefing etc. People camping over will need an individual tent for each household, although the pitch may be shared by up to six persons.

To permit co-operation with the NHS track and trace scheme, we will require each person attending to supply us a contact phone number. This will be kept on a paper record for 21 days after the event and then securely destroyed. It will not be used for any other purpose.

While we will have a shop on site, there will be no browsable area and we will mainly be selling consumables such as ammo, gas etc. Please try to be as prepared as possible. We will also have very limited charging facilities for batteries, so please plan for this and don’t rely on us being able to charge your batteries.

When you arrive on site, you will be greeted by a marshal who will issue each person with a paper copy of the COVID-19 requirements so you can refer to it. It is vital that everyone co-operates with this, as if people disregard the rules the event will have to be shut down.

The usual social on Saturday evening will be restricted to small groups around their own tent pitches – we will not be supplying any food or drink, so make your own arrangements. We ask that everyone be extra sensible especially in regard to their alcohol intake to avoid getting too relaxed and failing to observe social distancing.

One warning will be issued to any group breaching the social distance rules, a further breach will result in the whole group being ejected from site – take responsibility for yourself and your friends!

Running a larger event at this time has taken a lot of planning and preparation as well as the co-operation of the venue owner. We are very fortunate to be able to run this year, but it requires everybody to comply with the rules to ensure safety. Please be prepared for any other changes which may have to be implemented at short notice.

We will be publishing a complete list of the measures and requirements in place for this event as soon as we have everything finalised.

September is nearly upon us and, as promised, we are returning to our previous pricing at our open days. Walk-on tickets will be back to £25, rental packages will be back to £40. A ticket is still required for entry to ensure that we keep player numbers at a level which we can manage safely – please do not just turn up on the day. We know that some of you are unable to commit until the last minute, so we have kept the booking open until the night before.

We are now permitting camping on our sites in limited numbers, small groups of up to six may pitch together, but individuals may not share a tent unless they are from the same household or “support bubble” as recommended by the government.

We have also moved our email system to our own server, so make sure you check your spam box if you’re expecting an email from one of our addresses just in case.

Newsletter Week 31 2020

We had another exciting weekend at both Camp Bravo and Tuddenham, huge thanks to everyone who attended.

We are confident now that we can continue to meet social distancing requirements in the safe zones with 50 players per day, and as promised, we will be dropping our ticket prices back to the £25 and £50 which they were at before lockdown. This will take effect from September’s events.

We will still be requiring people to book on the website in advance, in order to avoid overfilling on the day, so please continue to use this method.

Apologies for the issues with booking on the website over the last week – Doug found a great way to improve the website loading speed, but unfortunately, it broke the login system. The site does now require you to login to buy tickets, and the issue has been fixed, although the speed improvements have also been lost. We will be addressing this over the next few weeks with some changes on the server end.

As always, if you experience any issues with the booking system, please email

We have also made some changes to the Facebook pages when it comes to messaging. The only Facebook page whose messages will be monitored and responded to will be the main Gunman Airsoft page at the other pages will auto-respond. This has been done to avoid missed messages and should hopefully speed up our response. Please do not send PMs to the staff’s accounts on Facebook, these often go un-noticed for long periods of time. We are not avid Facebookers outside of our work use (Doug doesn’t even have Facebook on his personal devices) so please bear with us if you don’t get an immediate reply.

Most of the questions which we get asked are answered on our website, so have a look there if you don’t get a speedy reply. If an event is open for booking, it will be on the website, but may not be advertised on Facebook. Please feel free to phone us on our published numbers, but again, we have families and are away working every weekend, so we usually have Mondays and Tuesdays as down time and may not respond during these times.

Lastly, just a reminder that this is your last chance to get discounted tickets for the GI weekender at the end of August – use the voucher code “GI20EARLY” at checkout to get a £10 discount before Friday night! The blue Hammers team is already fully booked, so don’t leave it until the last minute if you want to be on the same team as your mates.

Thank you all once again for your continued support.