Why Choose the Gunman Airsoft Experience?

Have a look around the huge number of other Airsoft websites….. they all have a “what is airsoft?” page with all the usual snippets on how Airsoft is the next generation of paintball type game…..

Not here….. We want you to know about the Gunman Airsoft Experience and why our players come to Gunman Airsoft sites time and time again because we offer something else……

Our game days are dynamic with games being developed constantly in the minds of our site organisers and marshals to ensure that the day is specifically tailored to the players on site according to customer requirement taking into account environmental and physical conditions. Our inspiration to give you the ultimate Airsoft gaming experience comes from a passion for war films, military records, factual books, computer games and from our experiences at other locations.

Many of our games and scenarios are designed with consultation from current and ex-service personnel, all of which have seen active service. With their expert knowledge on military tactics and experience in hostile theatres, we aim to provide the ultimate in realistic military simulation.

We invest time and money into the development and provision of props to be used in combat scenarios that add a new dimension to the day.

You won’t find a game of Capture the Flag on a Gunman Airsoft site!!