Who Is Behind Gunman Airsoft?

Gunman Airsoft is an ever evolving community made up from people with a huge variety of backgrounds who share a common interest: a passion for engaging airsoft games.

We are primarily driven by what our players want out of their airsoft experience, so the player community is the heart of Gunman Airsoft.

We always encourage players to decide for themselves how best to tackle the game objectives. To this end, we encourage confident, regular players to lead fireteams and offer guidance without being pushy and forcing you to do things their way.

Every site has trusted, regular players appointed as volunteer marshals to ensure fair play and give guidance and reminders on the game rules as well as helping run the games. This helps us to ensure that our games are player and community driven. They will either be seen wearing hi-visibilty pink vests when refereeing or deploying objectives, or will be playing alongside you on your team. They strive to be as neutral as possible, ensuring the games run smoothly and fairly. They are airsoft players who know the site, our games, rules and most importantly our ethos. If you have any problems or questions in the field, they are the first people to speak to. They also perform important duties in the safe zone such as chronoing, checking weapons are safe, helping in the shop, assigning teams etc.

Because we are player driven, we have several players who write our games and events. We are always willing to hear your game ideas and ither include them in future games or support you in writing your own scenario or event.

Finally, we come to the management team. Josh is Mr Gunman and is assisted on a daily basis by Doug. Between the two of us, we deal with all the boring bits of running airsoft sites and games – admin, website, forums, facebook, negotiating sites to use, planning games, buying stock, servicing rental equipment, designing and building props as well as bringing all the Gunman equipment onto site and setting it up for the weekend. Sometimes we even get to come out in the field and have a play!