What Do We Offer?

Open Days

Gunman Airsoft runs open day airsoft experiences almost every weekend at several sites across the country. We offer two tiers of game, each of which provides a slightly different experience. See below for more details and to decide which is right for you.

Our open days are designed so that you can turn up on your own and join in or bring a group of friends with you. Our staff, marshals and players will ensure that you are given the best airsoft experience from your first game to your last.

Games usually include a range of custom designed and ex-military props to make your experience more engaging, role-playing is always encouraged, particularly for the milsim style games.


The price of our open days depends on whether you have your own equipment or need rental equipment.

Walk-ons with own equipment are always welcome at our open days – there is no requirement to pre-book, although it helps us to plan games more effectively if we have an idea of player numbers in advance. Even an email or comment on the Facebook event page is helpful.

All of our open days have rental equipment available in limited quantities, this is best booked in advance by buying a ticket from the event page on the Event Calendar. Any available rental equipment on the day will be allocated on a first come, first served basis – please pre-book to avoid disappointment.


Single day walk-on price (with own equipment) = £25
Weekend walk-on price (with own equipment) = £40

Rental packages

Single day with rental equipment and ammo (advance price) = £55
Weekend with rental equipment and ammo (advance price) = £90

The advance rental price includes 3000 rounds of ammo as well as a gun, sufficient magazines, face protection, coveralls and a chest rig.

If rental equipment is available on the day the prices are:
Single day with rental and ammo = £60
Weekend with rental and ammo = £95

In all cases, extra ammo may be purchased at the price of £10 per 3000 rounds.

Private Hire & Corporate Days

We can offer almost limitless options for private hire and corporate days specifically tailored to your group’s requirements. Please visit our private hire/corporate page for more details.

Open Day Game Types


Skirmish days at Gunman are suitable for all levels of airsoft player, but are especially aimed at new or casual players.

The games are short (usually between 30-45 minutes each), with simple objectives and plenty of trigger time.

Minimal time is spent out of the game when you are shot – usually it is just a case of finding the nearest team-mate and counting to ten, meaning you spend most of your time enjoying the game instead of sitting in a dead zone.

You may bring whatever type of airsoft gun you like including fantasy and two-tone guns as long as they do not exceed the site power limits. Rentals are available.

FilmSim (Milsim Lite)

FilmSim days at Gunman are suitable for all levels of airsoft player, but are especially aimed at players who want slightly more realism than a skirmish game offers, while still getting plenty of trigger time and a lunch break.

The games usually last for two hours at a time and will contain several objectives and a good amount of trigger time.

Players carry two bandages, when you are shot a team-mate must get to you and apply one of your bandages to get you back in the game. When you run out of bandages you can return to the game by visiting a fixed HQ or a mobile field pack.

You may only take a limited supply of ammunition with you, but can reload at your HQ or mobile field pack at any time.

Being able to work in a team makes a big difference in these kind of games and is often essential to complete objectives.

You may bring any realistic weapon including two-tone guns as long as they do not exceed the site power limits.

Mid-cap magazines are recommended, but hi-caps are welcome within ammo limits. Rentals are available.