FilmSim Open Day Rules

Rules will always be read out prior to every day’s activities. In case of any differences, the rules read out on the day will always take precedence.

Getting Shot

  • When shot, a loud call of ‘HIT’ should be made and the player is considered out of game. The player must place a ‘HAND’ in the air to show they are no longer live and immediately fall to the ground calling for a team ‘Medic’.
  • A hit is anywhere on the body or the gun and ricochets must also be taken; if you think you’ve been hit take it.
  • Dead and wounded players ‘DO NOT TALK’. The only exception is to use the ‘DEAD MAN WALKING’ or ‘MEDIC’ calls – anything else is considered cheating.

Getting Back Into the Action

  • A live team mate must tie one of your bandages to your wrist to make you live again.
  • To move a wounded player, place a hand on their shoulder during the entire move, if this contact is broken, the player must fall to the ground again.
  • Bandages must be applied while stationary using both hands.
  • If either player is hit during the Medic or move, both must take a KIA and return to HQ or a field pack to re-insert.
  • If a medic hasn’t got to you after 30 seconds, you may try to crawl to a live player. Take down your hand and you MUST CRAWL. If shot whilst crawling, you are KIA. You must keep calling out for a team medic during the crawl and once committed, you can’t stop the crawl.
  • If no one gets to you after a minimum of 2 minutes, or both your bandages have been used, you have bled out and are KIA.
  • You can take an immediate KIA only if you’re wounded in the middle of a fire fight and you can’t avoid being shot! Otherwise stay on the ground for at least 2 minutes, calling for a team medic.
  • KIA means returning to a fixed regen (HQ or field pack). Running out of bandages, bleeding out, Knife kills, and shot during medic/moves/crawls are all KIAs.

Explosive Pyro Effects (Now a Wound Not A Kill)

  • Inside – Whole building or structure is wounded.
  • Outside – 5m radius – Cover has no effect. If an explosive grenade lands within 5m of you, you are going to take a hit when it goes off – running away and blowing up spectacularly is optional, but always looks more awesome than just falling over 🙂

Incendiary & Gas Grenades (Coloured Smoke)

  • Outside use only – 5m radius area denial. If an incendiary/gas grenade goes off within 5m of you, it’s time to run away before you burn/choke to death. Don’t worry where the smoke blows, you just need to stay out of a 5m circle around the pyro until it has finished smoking.
  • Red or pink smokes are incendiary grenades and affect everybody.
  • Other colours are gas grenades and affect everybody not wearing a gas mask.

Game Restrictions

Whilst in field all players must:

  • Carry 2 bandages
  • Carry 2 explosive grenades max
  • Carry 2 smoke/gas/inceniary grenades max
  • Soldier/Rifleman – Only have up to 600rnds worth of ammo loaded in mags.
  • Support Gunner – Only have up to 3000rnds worth of ammo loaded in mags.
  • Sniper – Only have up to 150rnds worth of ammo loaded in mags.
  • Players must NOT take into the field any more MAGS than their ammo limit!
  • You can only reload at your HQ or field pack, (this includes BFGs), unless you push/drop the bbs in your mags by hand (no loading tool/pouring into high caps).
  • You may carry only 3 standard loaded Pistol mags. Any more must be subtrscted from your main ammo limit.