Gunman Airsoft Eversley


Gunman Eversley – “The Valley” boasts a 65 acre block of mixed terrain supported by a silver birch, Pine and rhododendron forest. With natural hills and a sweeping valley that passes around its heights, Eversley is a great location for airsoft and theme events. During the winter the evergreens provide cover as well as the hill and features that have been added and in the summer the whole site gets a jungle flavour with ferns growing up all over the site. The silver birch areas are clear all year round and make for natural breaks in the cover and good spots for harbour areas or CPs.

Fixed features include mortar pits, fire bases, CPs, AT emplacements, MG nests, ammo and fuel dumps and small rebel camps, but Gunman has a wealth of quality mobile props that can be put out in the field including satellite listening posts, laptops filled with intel and timed or remote detonated explosives. Honestly…what are you waiting for?

The site its self can support vehicle use and due to the boundaries being forest roads, you can access the site from different angles, which adds to its continued re-usability. Eversley has no amenities we don’t bring on with us so will be supported by weekly cleaned portable loos, generator for power and water butts for cooking.

We have a full shop and catering on site to support your airsoft experience.

Address for Eversley
The Welsh Drive
Fleet Road (A327)
RG27 0PY

Please Note: once you have turned off the A327 Fleet Road into the site, you need to ignore all the signs for quarry traffic and head down the gravel road in a straight line for about a mile until you reach the safe zone. KEEP YOUR SPEED BELOW 20mph and DON’T DRIVE LIKE A DICK!!! Horse riders regularly share the track and any signs of rally style driving will raise complaints.