ExpiredWWII Operations “Oosterbeek: At Battle’s End”

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FilmSim events is proud to present…

WW2 Operations weekend

Oosterbeek – At battles end.

February 10-11 2018
Gunman Eversley, Hampshire

£55 for the weekend or £30 for the day or £65 on the gate

All bookings MUST be done below. Places are secured by a non-refundable deposit.

Operations – this is a weekend of missions set around the last battles around Oosterbeek and the end of Operation Market Garden.

Tuesday 19th September 1944 Day 3.

The Battle for Arnhem Bridge and its town is well under way, but due to poor allied communications and misleading intelligence the operation is still uncertain. The only positive for the allied effort is that the German command is still unsure of what enemy forces are where and reports that Nijmegen is also under attack by US airborne troops has lead to a large number of units including the 10th SS division to be pulled away from Arnhem.

For the 156th and 10th Para’s, the high ground north of the Oosterbeek railway line is their objective. Unknown to them a Kampfgruppe has been task with the defense of the high ground as it has potential for a flack battery as well as being a good observational position. Also, south of the Train Line Polish troops are being dropped and scattered all over. One glider has found itself off course and has landed behind the German defense line far North from the allied lines.
The morning has started badly for the allies and isn’t getting any better. DZ’V’ is also in the hands of the German and due to broken communications, the RAF haven’t been advised. If the DZ isn’t in partial control by the afternoon, this vital supply drop will fall straight into German hands. Only guts, team work and cunning will help see an allied result by the end of the day.

There will be three operations taking place, 2 Saturday and 1 Sunday. All will last 3 hours and be set around the train line, station and a small rural hamlet. All sides will have limited medical bandages, ammo crates and task lists which will get published when we have an idea of the numbers.

Forces will include:
German Axis – All European uniforms.
British Paratroopers and infantry
US Paratrooper and infantry.
Polish Paratrooper.

Hi all and welcome to the next incredible and awesome WW2 weekender.
If this is your first WW2 game, welcome to the FilmSim experience. FilmSim is all about the story and how people react to situations in game. Its very role-play and the action (using airsoft) is normally fast and furious. We will be using the full FilmSim rules and 300 rounds loaded in mags.

To all the regular players, a huge thanks for your continued support of these games and we need your help to continue to grow the WWII scene.

For pics of our epic events check out www.wyvernlarp.com

  • Saturday Only
    09:00 - 15:00
  • Weekend
    10/02/2018 - 11/02/2018
    09:00 - 03:00




Venue Phone: 07711 774401

The Welsh Drive, Fleet Road, Eversley, Hampshire, RG27 0QB, United Kingdom

Gunman Eversley - "The Valley" boasts a 65 acre block of mixed terrain supported by a silver birch, pine and rhododendron forest. With natural hills and a sweeping valley that passes around its heights, Eversley is a great location for airsoft and themed events of all sorts. During winter, the evergreens provide plenty of cover as well as the hills and large amount of built features, in the summer the whole site takes on a thick jungle flavour with ferns growing up all over the site. Fixed features include mortar pits, fire bases, CPs, AT emplacements, MG nests, ammo and fuel dumps, mineheads, small rebel camps, a fortified wall with watch towers and breachable gates as well as wild west and viking style villages. Improvements are constantly being made to existing features as well as new areas being contructed, so the site is ever evolving. Gunman also has a wealth of quality mobile props which can be put out in the field including satellite listening posts, SAM emplacements, remote and timed explosives, laptops and more. The site can support some vehicle use internally as well as having the ability to insert troops by vehicle via the majority of the site boundaries. We bring a shop on site selling airsoft guns and accessories, there is also a caterer on site for open weekends. Water for drinking, washing and cooking is available and we have two portable chemical toilets which are emptied weekly permanently on site. Camping is highly encouraged and is free of charge.