UpcomingGunman “Battle Royal” May bank holiday weekender

Event Phone: 07711 774401

Gunman Airsoft presents…
‘Death Island’– A battle royal
May 4-5 2019
GUNMAN Eversley, Hampshire
Day price £35 or £55 for the weekend.
36 places per day.

Hi all and welcome to this special Bank Holiday event at Gunman Airsoft’s awesome Eversley site. It’s a royal rumble, a battle royal, a Hunger games at its best. The top prize for surviving is a 100 Million dollars payout.

This remote and heavily forested arena sets the stage for an ultimate battle of endurance, cunning and pure violence. Each participant starts with only a pistol with 12 rounds loaded in its magazine. There are ammo drop points dotted all over the island where they can ‘reload their magazines. Each participant has a stash bag to collect water, food and medical supplies to help sustain him or her in the field. There are also raid points where participants can ‘raid a box’ and take ONE item from it. It may be (Yellow) food, (Blue) water, (Red) medical or 9White) Credit cards. No rucksack can carry more then one of each color but you can swap out cards of higher value from A) raid boxes or B) fallen players rucksacks. Remember, only one item can be taken at a time.

Simple airsoft rules.

There are also arms crates dotted around the site where personal arms can be found (name tagged) you can only take a weapon from an arms crate if it’s got your name on it!! The crates cant be moved or tampered with.

There are also bows and arrows (larp) dotted about that anyone can use. A hit with an arrow is the same as being shot. A wound!!!

Each participant can carry any number of bandages but starts with only 2. When hit by a weapon, the participant is ‘HIT’ and must fall to the ground.

In Solo play – you must tie your bandage on your own wrist to become live again. When out of bandages they are dead and must leave the arena until next game. You can crawl to a safe place if you can.

Team play 4 members – teammates must tie the bandage on and they can be move by placing a hand on the shoulder of the wounded player and move them.

To kill a prone player you must ‘tap on the shoulder!!) Stab them up ONLY! No point blank shooting.

Albert – The trader – by all accounts. Sets up shop at fixed locations as certain times. He cannot be targeted and no one can engage him longer than 5 minutes in trade. He remains at the fixed location for 20 minutes at a time. Truce can be made around him.

Death means a return to your starting point. Each participant has three goes before utter death and out.

When time elapses and if you are still in the game (not ousted via death)you add up all your resources and your score is added to the leader board. Then the game is reset and everyone start again at different places.

The winner is the participant with the highest score. Death wipes your score clean.

Oh……and watch the snakes!!!!

  • Battle Royal - Saturday
    08:00 - 15:00
  • Battle Royal - Sunday
    08:00 - 15:00
Price Qty
Weekend Walk-onshow details + £55.00 (GBP)  
Saturday Walk-onshow details + £35.00 (GBP)  
Sunday Walk-onshow details + £35.00 (GBP)  




Venue Phone: 07711 774401

The Welsh Drive, Fleet Road, Eversley, Hampshire, RG27 0QB, United Kingdom

Gunman Eversley - "The Valley" boasts a 65 acre block of mixed terrain supported by a silver birch, pine and rhododendron forest. With natural hills and a sweeping valley that passes around its heights, Eversley is a great location for airsoft and themed events of all sorts. During winter, the evergreens provide plenty of cover as well as the hills and large amount of built features, in the summer the whole site takes on a thick jungle flavour with ferns growing up all over the site. Fixed features include mortar pits, fire bases, CPs, AT emplacements, MG nests, ammo and fuel dumps, mineheads, small rebel camps, a fortified wall with watch towers and breachable gates as well as wild west and viking style villages. Improvements are constantly being made to existing features as well as new areas being contructed, so the site is ever evolving. Gunman also has a wealth of quality mobile props which can be put out in the field including satellite listening posts, SAM emplacements, remote and timed explosives, laptops and more. The site can support some vehicle use internally as well as having the ability to insert troops by vehicle via the majority of the site boundaries. We bring a shop on site selling airsoft guns and accessories, there is also a caterer on site for open weekends. Water for drinking, washing and cooking is available and we have two portable chemical toilets which are emptied weekly permanently on site. Camping is highly encouraged and is free of charge.