Red Mist – Ep 25 – Hands Off Hirta

FilmSim events is proud to present…
RED MIST 25 ‘Hands off Hirta’
Feb 25-26
Gunman Eversley, Hampshire
£65 for the weekend or £35 for the day or £85 on the gate
Advance price and place to be secured by deposit form below.
This event is limited to 50 players, 25 a side and there wont be any more places opened up so get your deposits in to secure your place.
Non stop 26hr cold war immersion.

Red Mist 25 – ‘Hands off Hirta’

Location: Hirta Island, St Kilda archipelago, Outer Hebrides.
March 1984 – 2 months have past since the radios black out and both sides are at a total stalemate…?

The troops of the NATO garrison on Hirta are still surrounded and with no communication to the main land are blind to whats happening around them. This confined and desperate situation has brought the very best of of them and spirits as well as food supplies are still high. At 0600hrs this morning a small boat of NATO troops from another Island (Hirta D) arrived in a small dingy and were spotted by a NATO patrol, sadly a few were lost to the climb up the rocky cliffs trying to assail the islands walls. The patrol managed to escort and elude the WARPAC forces still stationed at the main harbor area and arrive in good order at the NATO HQ.
These survivors inform the station commander Major Lawn, that the war in Europe was still raging on and that their last transmission from UK Command was ‘no help imminent’. The reply message also indicated the mainland of Scotland was under assault and battles raged across its breadth. They regaled a similar plight at their sub-station as to the assault made on this main stations but were unable to sustain any kind of counter attack on the landed forces due to low supply levels.

One thing that is of concern however is the last of the SAMs has been fired, though the WARPAC helicopters have not been seen for a month.

WARPAC commander Schmidt is in a desperate state, the troops have plenty of ammunition now but food supplies are starting to give him a real concern. Communication has arrived that new troops and supplies are immanent, but can he hold on to what he has until then. They have been left a small number of boats, but the ships and sub’s are long gone. His orders to clear the island and move on are still standing and unless he can break this siege, we will be for some time more. The morale of his troops is good considering their situation as the last 2 months have seen very little action and both sides have hid behind their walls.

Both sides have exhausted mortar and rocket and only have rifle and pistol ammo left with a few smokes and a handful of grenades.
What will become of ‘Hirta’ and Episode 25 of this incredible story.

This is a full Filmsim game with no end scenario. Both groups will establish their camps and be in the field all weekend. Although there will be a cease-fire at 9pm Saturday night we encourage everyone to stay in game for the whole experience.
All of us have the kit so let’s bloody use it.
We also have the world of FREE loan kit and £25 period rifles, so come join the fun.
More intel will get posted in the private sections soon along with key and secondary objectives for all groups. They will be a number of key locations to capture and hold as well, this will help to give the feel of a battle.

This event is now sold out