Black Gold 1990s – “The Deltas of Suhud” Operation Greenbelt

FilmSim Events and Gunman Airsoft present…


Black Gold 90s ‘The Deltas of Suhud’
£65 ticket price with a £25 deposit to be booked below
August 12-13 2017
Eversley, Hampshire.

Love Generation Kill and Black Hawk down…

Operation ‘Greenbelt’
Location: The Suhdian Delta of Carrasis.

Its 1992 and the Middle East is rife with conflict. Iran is still fighting an insurgence of the KDPI and the resent end of the Gulf war in Iraq has now seen an uprising and Saddam and his broken government. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are both still entangled in aggressive threats from other Arab states due to their political and economical relationship with the West.

Our story follows the (fictional) state of Suhud and its Deltas that pull from Euphrates River and dot its arid land. The deltas support forests and other uncommon terrain for a Middle East country as well producing crude oil and cork trees. This small country has been made rich with its discovery of oil in 1979 and was granted trade agreements with Saudi and Kuwait a year later.

In 1990 the Suhudian president was overthrown in a military coup organized by General Waqas Achem. General Waqus took control of the countries political and economical offices and remains the head of its army. Due to all the crisis Suhud’s surrounding neighbors have had and are still having, the coup slipped under the coalitions radar until now.

General Waqas has arranged a new trade agreement for his oil with the newly formed Independent Russian State and its president, Boris Yeltsin. After the fall of the Soviet Union and the collapse of its states, Russian is being deprived of the volumes of rich Baltic oil it once had and Russia is in need. After the worry that Suhud could go down a very similar route to Iraq and the threat that Suhud is rumored to be trading its oil for soviet nuclear warheads, The Western coalition has now taken an interest in its countries actions.

1992 – after a request from the UN to inspect the Suhud’s military assets was denied and a joint intelligence operation by NATO members revealed a serious threat to Suhud’s surrounding countries, NATO has been granted a go for Operation ‘Greenbelt’. A short and fast strike into the Suhudian Deltas, whose lush undergrowth is hiding away the believed WMD (weapons of mass destruction)

Welcome to FilmSim events and Gunman Airsoft’s new 1990s series of airsoft experiences. Rather than choose a historical setting, we have chosen to make up a country in the Middle East and will introduce many others as we go. To give the game a small pedigree, we have chosen a few real world things of the 1990s to help bring our fictional country to life. This is an airsoft game using equipment and period looking kit of the 1990s without it being factual.

30 x NATO – any Arid/desert period clothing from any NATO country. However, we don’t want 1 or 2 guys in the same clothing, better to have at least a small unit of 4 or more.
Mixed green and desert or all desert/Arid only! No pure green.
Weapons – NATO issue only (NO AK)

15 x Suhudian Army – OG top and bottom or soviet Flora BDU uniform. All must be complete top and bottom matching, no mixed OG and Camo.
Webbing, OG or Black.
AK variants only.

15 x Suhud tribesmen – Anti NATO. Arab clothing, any pre 1980s weapons.

A more in-depth list will go up very soon.

Arrival Friday night for a social.
Saturday – 8.00am registration.
9.30am Briefings and out.

Cease-fire at 6pm for a BBQ, game will continue Sunday at 9am and finish around 1pm.

We will have a huge pile of FREE loan uniforms and period correct rifles available for £20 for the weekend. A small shop will be provided too.

Deposits are nonrefundable but you can sell them on if you cant make the game. Remaining balance to be paid on the day.