WW2 FilmSim Airsoft – Battle for Sedjenane – Africa 1943 – The Red Devils


Gunman Airsoft and Filmsim Events presents…

April 1st – Battle of Sedjenane ‘The Red Devils’

Saturday 1st April 2017

£25 for the day (paid in advance) or £35 on the day if places are left.

ONLY 25 places a side. 50 player places in total.

ALL German/Italian places sold out

Eversley, Hampshire

Its 1943

The town of Sedjenane in a vital railway town from Mateur and Bizerta. Operation Torch has come to a standstill in its eastern hills and the first battle for the town hasn’t gone well for the allied forces. The town is now in the hands of the German Parachute Engineer regiment who have seen off any advancement by the allied forces. Although allied MGs have destroyed half the light Italian tanks the Axis were using.

Its April 1st 1943 and the allies have begun to begun their second attempt to retake this town and its ‘Green Hill’. Included in the attack are members of the 1st Parachute brigade (the red devils) and US 60th and 9th Inf Reg.

Our battle will see the action of the allies against the German Paratroopers and the final success of the allies retaking Sedjenane.

Sides will field.
German paratrooper
Italian Infantry
US infantry
British Paratroopers (red devils)

Hi all and welcome to the next incredible and awesome WW2 adventure. If you are new, then welcome to the FilmSIm experience. FilmSim is all about the story and how people react to situations in game. Its very role-play and the action (using airsoft) is normally fast and furious. We will be using the full FilmSim rules and 300 rounds loaded in mags.

To all the regular players, a huge thanks for your continued support of these games and we need your help to continue to grown the ww2 scene.

Bookings are now open! Tickets are non refundable but can be sold on if you can’t make it.

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Many of us have the kit so let’s bloody use it.
We also have the world of FREE loan kit and £25 period rifles, so come join the fun.

Online ticket sales for this event are closed.

2WW FilmSim Airsoft – Operations in Salerno – Jan 14th 2017

Hi all and welcome to another Gunman Airsoft Ops day. This year all our missions will be set in the italian campaign of 1943-1944. All US and British forces are invited as well as all the German units. As its Italy, we can have all sorts of mixed up units. FREE tea and coffee all day and FREE uniform hire if needed. You can turn up Friday night for a social in our heated bar or rock up Saturday morning for briefing and war.

We normally run around 4 missions over the course of the day and we have rental rifles (bolt action) for £20 if needed. This is an awesome way to try out new kit, get invloved in the ww2 scene and loose some pounds after xmas.

It’s only £25 for the day with payment of a £10 security deposit. Otherwise, it’s £30 on the gate with no deposit.

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Pictures from previous events at www.wyvernlarp.com