Okto Eight MilSim – Operation Tamar

Event Phone: 07950 507950

  • Operation Tamar
    27/04/2019 - 28/04/2019
    09:00 - 17:00

Players must be 18 years of age or over – we may ask for proof. Children aged 16 and over are allowed to play providing they are accompanied by a playing parent or legal guardian. PUBLIC BOOKING OPENS 27th DECEMBER PRICE £70 In all cases, team places must be reserved with a £30 non-refundable deposit (more…)

Red Mist 29: Casino

Event Phone: 07711 774401

  • Red Mist 29 - Casino
    25/05/2019 - 26/05/2019
    08:00 - 13:00

Welcome to the next incredible and awesome Cold War story, set in our fictional WW3 Cold War setting.
If this is your first RED MIST, welcome to the FilmSIm experience. FilmSim is all about the story and how people react to situations in game. Its very role-play and the action (using airsoft) is normally fast and furious. We will be using the full FilmSim rules and 300 rounds loaded in mags.

Event Phone: 07711 774401

  • The Hacku San Mountain
    22/06/2019 - 23/06/2019
    08:00 - 13:00

Players must be aged 18+ or 16+ if playing with an adult FilmSim events is proud to present… Deltas of Suhud. 1990s The Hacku San Mountain 21-23 June 2019 Combat South, Southampton £75 for the weekend, only 30 players and 20 free CREW. All bookings MUST be done below. October 16th 1992. Location: The Suhudian (more…)